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  • Thailand News

    Chinese makeup artist turns 57 year old into youthful sensation

    The transformation of a 57 year old comedian into a youthful idol by a Chinese makeup artist named Tuzi has sent shockwaves across the Internet and social media platforms, leaving even the comedian’s wife unable to recognize him. Tuzi’s talent for age-defying makeup has earned her the title of master of transformation and has become a viral sensation. Tuzi, famed for…

  • World News

    Sleeping beauty blunders: Vietnamese makeup artist’s drunk bride challenge

    A bridal makeup artist from Vietnam experienced a bizarre situation at a recent wedding — the bride was too drunk to be roused and she had to apply her makeup while she lay asleep on her bed. The imperative role of a skilled makeup artist for would-be brides aspiring to stand out on their special day is undeniable. Typically an…