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    Leopard in the room: Indian boy’s purr-fect phone escape

    A young boy in India encountered a leopard in his room while playing on his phone, managing to quietly exit and lock the animal inside. The 12 year old boy, Mohit Ahir, displayed remarkable composure and bravery during the incident. Ahir, the son of a security official at a wedding event, was waiting for his father in the office room…

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    Tiny feline duo rescued: Leopard kittens find new home in wildlife sanctuary

    In a heartwarming rescue mission, two pint-sized leopard cats, abandoned in a sugarcane plot in Phichit‘s Sam Ngam district, have been saved by officials from Protected Areas Regional Office 12, Nakhon Sawan. The fluffy feline siblings, just a month old, were discovered by wildlife guardians, unharmed and thriving on their specially crafted milk diet. Playful and already bonding with their…

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    Leopard cat struck by car in southern Thailand

    A leopard cat is seriously injured after being hit by a car in Phang Nga province in southern Thailand on Monday. A young man named Somchai (pseudonym) from Thung Kha Ngok subdistrict was driving his motorbike along the Phang Nga – Takua Pa route when he saw an animal get hit by a car. He parked his motorbike to check…