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    Ancient Hebrew Bible sells for record US$38.1m, gifted to Tel Aviv museum

    An ancient Hebrew Bible has set a new record for the most valuable manuscript ever sold at auction, fetching US$38.1 million in New York. The Codex Sassoon, which dates back to the late ninth to early 10th century, is the earliest near-complete Hebrew Bible known to still exist today. Sotheby’s auction house facilitated the sale, which involved a four-minute bidding war…

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    Austrian billionaire’s Nazi-linked jewel collection fetches over $155 million at auction

    Jewellery once owned by Austrian billionaire Heidi Horten, who passed away last year at the age of 81, has fetched over US$155 million in a recent controversial auction held in Geneva by Christie’s. The auction faced criticism from Jewish groups due to connections to Horten’s husband, who made his fortune under the Nazis. However, Christie had argued that the sale…