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    More coronavirus cases detected in China, global alert for Chinese New Year

    Chinese medical officials have now reported four more cases of the viral pneumonia strain caused by a new coronavirus. The discoveries are causing rising concern that the disease is not fully understand and could spread during the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays. The new virus, originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan – the apparent epicentre of the outbreak –…

  • Economy News

    Sit down, shut up and hang on – The Asian century is here

    GRAPHIC: In the nineteenth century, the world was ‘Europeanised’. In the twentieth century, it was ‘Americanised’. This century it is all about being ‘Asianised’. With more than half of the world’s population, Asia has gone swiftly from low to middle-income status in a single generation. Today, its global share of trade grows quickly, along with capital, people, knowledge, transport,…

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    Huawei hedges its bets and unveils the Harmony phone operating system

    As a hedge against any further hostility from the US in its claims against the Chinese tech giant’s alleged involvement with the Chinese Government, Huawei has unveiled its own operating system for smartphones that it says can replace Android if US sanctions against them cut off access to the Google eco-system and software, and US-made technology products. Huawei Technologies, the…