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    Deforestation in Thailand: challenges and solutions for forest conservation

    Thailand is currently facing a significant environmental challenge that has garnered widespread concern, particularly among conservationists: deforestation. This issue is more severe in Thailand than in many other Southeast Asian countries, primarily due to the rapid clearance of forests to accommodate agricultural expansion necessitated by population growth and the country’s focus on exporting agricultural products. Furthermore, the logging industry and…

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    Thai smog crisis prompts call for global shift to plant-based diets

    Northern Thailand is grappling with a persistent smog problem, typically attributed to crop waste burning, deforestation for mushroom harvesting and vehicle emissions, prompting calls for a global shift to plant-based diets. However, an emerging consensus among scientists and environmental activists suggests a deeper, global solution is required to avert a climate disaster. The crux of the issue, they argue, lies…

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    Timber thieves’ tumble: Thai police bust illegal logging gang in 33 million baht raid

    In a daring crackdown on timber thieves’ crime, Thai police stormed a deforestation gang’s hideout in central Thailand, arresting one woman while four suspects managed to escape. The operation followed the discovery of illegal wood logs valued at approximately 33 million baht hidden in a warehouse in Phetchabun by officials from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation.…