• World News

    Assassination plot of Burmese UN Ambassador thwarted

    Kyaw Moe Tun has been standing in a precarious position as the current or former Burmese ambassador to the United Nations – depending on who you believe – and is now the subject of a thwarted assassination plot. The plan to murder or maim the diplomat was to be carried out by 2 Burmese nationals on US soil at the…

  • Thailand video newsGood Morning Thailand | Origins of Covid, Thai businesses adapting, feeding unemployed Thais | Thaiger

    Good Morning Thailand | Origins of Covid, Thai businesses adapting, feeding unemployed Thais

    For Thursday Bill, Tim and Shaun look at the investigations not where Covid originated from, examples of businesses in Thailand adapting to the new conditions and economy, and how individuals and people are rolling up their sleeves to help people profoundly affected by the lockdowns and border closures. Hope you enjoy today’s latest episode of Good Morning Thailand.  

  • Covid-19 News

    QAnon, plandemics and sheeple – making sense of the Covid conspiracy-speak

    OPINION Whilst many of us have been finding ways to cope with lockdowns and restrictions related to Covid-19, or trying to hang on to jobs and keep our family safe, others have used their spare time to indulge in an elaborate alternate universe of plandemics, sheeple and evil 5G. Bill Gates is apparently the devil in human form and ‘Q’…

  • Covid-19 News

    A year of COVID – from Wuhan to World Pandemic | VIDEO

    12 months ago the news of a mysterious respiratory illness started to emerge from hospitals in the central Chinese province of Hubei. Chinese health authorities said they were investigating a small cluster of pneumonia-like cases with an unknown cause linked to a seafood market in Wuhan. Those early days have given rise to any number of conspiracy theories that the…

  • Crime News

    “Boss” inquiry uncovers evidence of corruption and conspiracy

    The inquiry ordered by Thai PM Prayut Chan-o-cha into the handling of the case against Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya has uncovered a trail of corruption and conspiracy. The fugitive Red Bull heir, grandson of the Red Bull co-founder Chaleo Yoovidhya, was accused of killing a 47 year old Bangkok police officer in September 2012 by dragging him and his motorbike under…

  • Northern Thailand News

    Police: No foul play in Vorayuth witness’s death

    Police today ruled out the possibility of murder in the death of a key witness in Red Bull drinks heir Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya’s hit-and-run case. The regional police commander in Chiang Mai, where the witness died in a motorcycle incident last month, said new autopsy results found no trace of any suspicious substance apart from alcohol in Jaruchart Mardthong’s body.…

  • Technology News

    10 new 5G towers going up in Nong Prue, Pattaya

    The Nong Prue tambon, to the east of Pattaya City, will be the home of 10 new 5G WiFi “Smart Poles” . The installation starts this month. The announcements were made by the Nong Prue Mayor Mine Chiyanit and the team from United Technology Enterprise who are installing the new towers and technology. The Smart Pole set ups will be installed…

  • Opinion

    Mushroom clouds and nuclear explosions – the fallout from the Beirut explosion – VIDEO

    The world of instant experts and budding journalists kicks in moments after any event these days and reaches out almost instantaneously. The majority of people in the world first read about the Beirut chemical explosion on social media feeds, rather than mainstream media sources. Whilst most of the videos appeared horrifyingly authentic, captured by residents from wherever they were at…

  • Covid-19 News

    Train engineer attempts to destroy USNS Mercy hospital ship

    US Federal prosecutors report an engineer deliberately ran a train off the tracks at high speed near the Port of Los Angeles in an attempt to destroy the USNS Mercy hospital ship. The Pacific Harbour Line train derailed yesterday off the end of the track and crashing through multiple barriers, eventually coming to rest about 227 metres from the docked naval…

  • Politics News

    Thailand’s Future Forward denies bizarre ‘Illuminati’ accusations

    A lawyer and former advisor to Thailand’s chief ombudsman, Natthaporn Toprayoon has gone ‘full woo woo’ in cobbling together arguments to disband the Future Forward Party. In a petition submitted to the Constitutional Court, the lawyer has invoked fears of the ‘Illuminati’ secret society. He has accused Future Forward as being a threat to the country’s constitutional monarchy. He says…

  • Technology News

    Facebook bans political fanatics and conspiracy theorists

    Facebook is banning prominent US conspiracy theorists like the Infowars founder Alex Jones and the outspoken activist Louis Farrakhan in its crackdown on hate speech and fake content. Others blocked from Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook) were Milo Yiannopoulos, a high-profile right-wing provocateur; Paul Nehlen, a political candidate espousing white supremacist views; and conspiracy theorists Paul Joseph Watson and…