cold shower

  • Thailand News

    Weather alert: Thailand bracing for cold snap and heavy southern rainfall

    Thailand’s Meteorological Department (TMD) issued a cold weather warning across the country, with foggy conditions expected in the morning. The southern region continues to experience severe flooding due to heavy rainfall in eight provinces. The level of airborne dust particles remains significantly high due to weak winds, resulting in poor air ventilation. A high-pressure area or cold air mass covers…

  • Thailand News

    Cold spell from China brings cooler temperatures to Thailand

    A cold spell from China is bringing cooler temperatures to Thailand, with a decrease of 1-3 degrees Celsius forecasted across the country. The 24-hour weather forecast indicates that this high-pressure system or cold mass of air is spreading over northern Thailand and the South China Sea, resulting in colder temperatures and strong winds, particularly in the north and northeast of…

  • World News

    Vietnamese man loses hearing after showering with cold water at night

    A 30 year old Vietnamese man experienced a sudden hearing loss in his left ear while taking a cold shower at night, and within just two days, his hearing was irreversibly impaired. Medical experts from the Department of Otorhinolaryngology at Hong Ngoc General Hospital in Vietnam identified that the patient’s loss of hearing resulted from his routine of taking cold…