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    Ammonia leak in Udon Thani ice factory prompts evacuation

    An ammonia gas leak at an ice factory near a fresh market in Udon Thani caused panic and led to the evacuation of approximately 20 homes in the vicinity. With temperatures soaring to 44 degrees Celsius, it is suspected that the heat and outdated equipment contributed to the incident, which occurred early in the morning. Chaos ensued when an ice…

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    Frosty fright: Ammonia leak chills Bang Lamung district

    An ice factory in Nong Prue, a tambon of Bang Lamung district, experienced an ammonia leak early this morning, affecting nearly 100 people within its 1-kilometre vicinity. The incident at Banglamung Ice Plant was reported to the district chief, Weekit Manarotekit, shortly before midnight yesterday, April 17. Emergency rescue teams quickly arrived at the scene, discovering that the leaked ammonia…