Benefits of Permanent Residence in Thailand

Enjoy a hassle-free life in Thailand with Permanent Residency.

Benefits of Thai Permanent Residency

If you have lived in Thailand for an extended period of time, you might be able to apply for Thailand permanent residency.

Applying for permanent resident status in Thailand might not be easy. There’s a complicated process you need to go through and lots of requirements you need to meet. However, foreigners who have been granted permanent residence in Thailand can enjoy numerous benefits. So what are these benefits? Keep reading to find out!

Key Points

  • You can apply for Thailand permanent residency if you have lived in Thailand for a considerable number of years.
  • With permanent residency, purchase a condo Thailand without transferring money from abroad.
  • As a permanent resident, getting your work permit will be faster and easier.

Ease of Buying Property in Thailand

With permanent residency, you can buy property in Thailand without having the funds transferred from abroad. It is, therefore, much easier for you to deal with local banks and government services. As a result, the process of purchasing a property in the country is much easier and simpler.

Working and Conducting Business in Thailand

Foreigners who have permanent residency can get working and business advantages. As a permanent resident, getting your work permit will be faster and easier compared to getting a work permit using a business visa. You also have more job opportunities, such as becoming a director in a Thai public company.

In addition, you will be allowed to set up your own business in Thailand.

The process of obtaining permenent residency in Thailand can be complicated, but it offers numerous benefits.

Stay In Thailand Permanently Without a Visa

Say goodbye to stressful process and long queues at the immigration office. With permanent residency, you can avoid the complicated bureaucratic visa system in Thailand since the status allows you to stay in Thailand without a visa. This means that you don’t have to get a Thai Visa Extension every year, submit a 90-Day Report, or do a visa run ever again. Instead, you can stay in Thailand forever as the status will not expire.

With permanent residency, you can skip the hassle of renewing your visa.

Advantages For Your Family

When you are granted a permanent residence status, you are not the only person who can enjoy the benefits. Your family can also enjoy certain advantages. For example, you can now apply for an extended stay for your non-Thai family member. In addition, if you have children in Thailand, your children will get Thai citizenship.

One Step Closer to Thai Citizenship

Having permanent residency means you are one step closer to Thai Citizenship. Foreigners with permanent residence can apply for Thai Citizenship by naturalisation after five years. Being a Thai citizen offers various benefits if you plan to make Thailand your permanent home. For example, you don’t need to apply for a Work Permit, and you can hold over 49% of the shares in a Thai company.

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