World’s first unisex condom invented by Malaysian gynaecologist

PHOTO: The world's first unisex condom will be available in December. (via Wondaleaf video screencap)

Using materials applied in dressing injuries and wounds, a Malaysian gynaecologist has invented the world’s first unisex condom. The unique Wondaleaf Unisex Condom uses medical-grade materials and is like an extended condom with adhesive flaps to attach to the body around the sexual organ to provide coverage and avoid skin to skin contact.

The adhesive can be reversed, so a man could wear it on his genitals with additional coverage, or a woman could insert the condom and it would be held in place with the adhesive flaps on her abdomen. This gives extra protection against skin-to-skin contact as well as providing an opportunity for the condom to be worn by a man or a woman.

The inventor, John Tang Ing Chinh, is a gynaecologist at Twin Catalyst, a medical supply firm in Sibu, Malaysia. He hopes that his condom will allow people of any gender or orientation to be proactive about their sexual health and safety. The condoms have already completed several phases of clinical research and testing and should be available for purchase online by December.

The condom is made with polyurethane, a transparent material that is simultaneously strong and waterproof while also being flexible and thin. The inventor said it’s barely noticeable while being worn.

The Wondaleaf condoms will be sold in boxes that contain 2 unisex condoms and will be priced at 14.99 Malaysian ringgit, about 120 baht, or 60 baht per condom. For comparison, in Malaysia, a box of a dozen condoms are between 20 and 40 ringgit, about 13 to 27 baht per condom.

The inventors are hopeful that the ability for anyone regardless of gender to wear their Wondaleaf Condom will reduce sexually transmitted diseases and accidental pregnancies.

SOURCE: Reuters

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