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Don’t have money management skills? Get Cash Cards to ensure you don’t overspend.

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Why choose the Thaiger?

Cash cards have made payment and cash withdrawal very easy these days, but applying for a cash card in a foreign land may seem complicated for some expats. That’s why we’re here, ready to help you! In just a few clicks, we can guide you through the process of making a cash card.

What is a Cash Card?

A cash card is an electronic payment card that can be used for different types of payments. Bank debit cards, prepaid debit cards, payroll cards, and gifts cards can be part of your cash card.

Having a cash card makes electronic payments more convenient, whether you make the transaction online or in person. You can also use your cash card to withdraw cash from ATMs. Cash cards store a specific amount of money, so it is basically like carrying cash without having them in your wallet.

Cash cards prevent you from going above your limit, as the money comes straight from your account.

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Advantages of a Cash Card

Cash cards have become more and more popular these days as they have numerous advantages. Check out their benefits below.

Control Over Payments

You can only use cash cards for minor transactions, such as low-cost purchases. There is also a specific limit to which you can take out cash in a day, week, or month.

No Interest and Fee-Free

The service fee on cash cards is minimal. Also, you don’t need to pay any interest on the amount.

Best For Security

With a cash card, you don’t need to carry any money with you. Cash cards are simple and easy to carry around, so you don’t have to worry about theft.

Quick to Refill

You can reload your cash card very quickly and comfortably, wherever and whenever you want. Most banks allow you to load your cash card via a bank branch, ATM, or online website.

Online Payments

It is very convenient to make online purchases or payments using a cash card. Not only easy, but using a cash card for online payments is also safer.

Cash Back

Receive anything from 2% – 6%, different banks will have different offers for cash back rewards.

Differences Between Cash Cards and Credit Cards

You may be thinking that credit cards and cash cards have the same purpose, but they’re not. So if you’re wondering why you need to have a cash card when you already have a credit card, here are some of the difference between the two.

Prepaid and Credit

Credit cards do not store cash. It is a form of debt or advance that you take from a bank. Cash cards, on the other hands, are prepaid cards, meaning they have some amount of money that you can use to make payments. Unlike a credit card, you have to load a certain amount of money on your cash card before you can use it. It is totally up to you how much you want to load on your cash card.


Paying with a cash card reduces the risk of excess spending, while credit cards allow you the ability to buy as much as you want, but you have to pay for them in the future.


Cash cards have a low service fee. Also, you don’t have to pay any interest on the amount. Meanwhile, interest rates on credit cards can be notoriously high.

Spending Ability

Your purchase with a cash card is limited to how much money you actually have in your hands, which lets you keep a clear record of your spending. On the other side, credit cards allow you to use an amount of money you don’t already have.

Everyday Purchases

Paying for everyday purchases is a lot more convenient using a cash card. You don’t have to worry about them breaking the bank in the future, which is not possible with a credit card.

Paying Bills

If you know that you are not good at paying bills, then cash cards can really help you. A cash card will not bill you from using it, which is something a credit card will do.

Online Payments

Compared to credit cards, online payments through cash cards are much more secure and comfortable.

Protection from Overspending

It is highly unlikely to overspend when you use a cash card to pay for things. You can’t spend more than what you already have with a cash card.

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29 reviews

Customer Reviews


Knowing your options will benefit you enormously, living in Thailand where most things are in Thai language, thethaiger has done a good job in listing out the information.

Johnny Davis


Cash cards are never simple, however, they do give a lot of benefits. I have signed up for the cash card with the thaiger and have received a phone call from their providers.

Elizabeth Smith


Enquiring for your cash card through the Thaiger, doesn’t mean that you must get your cash card right away but more so for checking if you are liable to get one.

Emilia Parks


I have applied for a cash card on my own twice now and there seems to be a problem every time, this time around I will use the thethaiger service to see if I can get the cash card or not.

Zoey Gray


Easy to sign up with easy steps to follow.

Benjy Hixssion


Very easy to understand and apply for cash cards.

Lily Grenredon

What are the Best Banks to Select for Foreigners?

Not every bank in Thailand is welcoming towards foreigners. Some banks are more friendly than others. You can pick one of the following banks for your cash cards based on your specific needs and immigration status.

For foreigners, Kasikornbank or K bank is ideal for cash cards as they also provide cheque books to non-residents. However, keep in mind that it can be a little bit complicated as the bank might not cash foreign currency checks.

Key Points:

  • Get cash from any ATM nationwide.
  • No charge for entry, annual, or cash advance fee.

Bangkok Bank makes it easier for foreigners to handle money while living in Thailand, including applying for a cash card. Bangkok Bank provides a wide range of new and comfortable networks to help you find the best cash cards.

Key Points:

  • Effective, safe, and cost-effective money transfers.
  • Achieve your investment goals.
  • Enjoy benefits of Bangkok Bank’s smart cash cards.

SCB Bank provides different types of Cash cards that are very beneficial for foreigners living in Thailand. SCB cash cards offer easy and convenient payments for goods and services.

Key Points:

  • Get worldwide ATM cash withdrawals.
  • Get accident insurance.

Cash cards allow you to set the limit of the money you are spending.

I was never good at managing my money. Always spend more than I have every time I use my credit card. This is why having a cash card is a lot of help! I can top up the card with money wherever I want, so I know how much money I actually do have. So grateful for The Thaiger’s help. I thought the process of making a cash card would be harder for a foreigner like me, but they made it so fast and easy!

Top tip: When choosing your card, select the card with the best prices and rates to save more money.

Why Choose the Thaiger to Help You?

The Thaiger offers you more than just convenience with the best features to make your life easier – and making your dreams into reality.

If you don’t know where your money is going and you feel you don’t have good money management skills, get a cash card and create your daily limit.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Cash Card with The Thaiger.

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Most popular types of Cash Cards

There are different types of cash cards: bank debit card and prepaid debit cards, gift cards, and payroll cards. Again, as mentioned before, cash cards don’t include credit cards since credit cards are debts rather than cash.

Debit cards

The most common types of standard cash cards are banking debit cards. These cards are usually tied to a bank account and allow you, the cardholder, to make automatic transfers that deduct money from your account. You can use debit cards at ATMs to take out cash from your account without fees as well. Debit cards are also referred to as regular cash cards or standard cash cards.

Gift Cards

YAnother type of standard cash card is gift cards, which are pre-loaded with cash. You can purchase them at shopping malls, grocery stores, and convenience stores. You can only use some gift cards at a single store, while others can be used anywhere. In most cases, you cannot reload a gift card, meaning that you can only make transactions up to the pre-funded limit.

Prepaid Debit Cards

Prepaid debit cards are much like gift cards. Often categorized as alternate cash cards, prepaid debit cards help benefit the underbanked population. It provides a cash card that isn’t attached to any bank account.

Payroll Cards

Payroll cards are a type of cahs cards that your employee provide. These are also categorized as an alternative type of cash cards. They allow your employer to make scheduled contributions to your payroll debit card. The payments are essentially the simpler form of direct deposit, allowing you to access funds right away. You can use these cards the same way as a debit card.

Thai Bank Account

As a foreigner living in Thailand, having a Thai bank account will help you in many ways. Most ATMs in the country don’t accept foreign cards and making wire transfers—a very popular payment option among locals—can be complicated without a Thai bank account.

With a Thai bank account, managing your life and handling your finance in Thailand is so much easier. But of course, it’s not that simple for foreigners to open a Thai bank account. There are specific requirements and documents you need to have. But don’t worry! If you’re struggling with opening a Thai bank account, or you don’t know where to even start, you can always trust us with it. We’ve got your back!

Frequently Asked Questions about Cash Cards

It depends on what you’re using your card for, but unlike credit cards, cash cards have a very low service fee. Furthermore, you will not be charged any interest on the amount.

The Cash Card is a Visa debit card that can be used to pay for the Cash App balance of products and services just like a debit card.

While a credit card grants you access to money that you don’t have yet, cash cards usually cap your spending to money that you actually do have – either locked up into the card itself, or laying around in a checking account linked to the card.

Yes, you can put money in your cash card, your cash card is directly linked to your available Cash App balance, so anytime you add money to your account, you’ll also be able to access it on your card.

The cash card has feature balance checking and cash withdrawals from ATMs.

During the covid-19 pandemic using cash seem to get a high risk to infected, cash cards offer new payments for travelers to save their money in the bank in Thailand and avoid touching cash and keep it safe. Many shops will accept prepaid cash cards with no fee, and it better to bring them back up in case you need to use cash for a minimal amount and keep the rest in the bank. You can withdraw cash from ATMs without a fee as well.

The cash cards could be used for hotel booking as well. Paying for accommodation with cash cards will comfort your travel.

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