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Why Choose the Thaiger for Your Personal Loans?

TMB Bank is the leading Thai bank with world-class financial solutions. The Thaiger can help you choose the right personal loan from TMB Bank and meet all of the requirements so your loan will be approved.

TMB Bank

TMB Bank is a Thai transactional bank, the bank has evolved into a customer-centric organisation, with management focused on addressing customer demands and optimizing customer loyalty.

In 2004, TMB Bank was merged with DBS Thai Danu Bank and the Industrial Finance Corporation of Thailand. Thus forming a new bank with a comprehensive banking service. With an insurance company and an asset management company underneath their umbrella, the bank has a great position to conduct universal banking business.

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How will Personal Loans Benefit you?

A personal loan is one of the best ways to finance a large purchase or project that you can’t afford upfront. Here are the top reasons why you should take out a personal loan.

Debt Consolidation

Using a personal loan to pay off high-interest debt allows you to consolidate multiple payments into a single payment.

Home Remodeling

A personal loan can help you fund your home improvement project if you don’t have equity in your home.

Moving Costs

A personal loan can help you pay for any of the costs associated with a long-distance move if you are unable to pay for the cost immediately.

Emergency Expenses

Personal loans are a good alternative to cover an emergency or unexpected expense as personal loans can be disbursed quickly.

Vacation Costs

A personal loan will help you get to your ideal destination if you’re ready to pay off your holiday for many years.

Benefits from choosing TMB for your personal loans?

TMB inspires people to Make The Difference. While there are many types of lenders willing to give you a personal loan but considering TMB bank will be one of the best options as they empower the customer’s experience.

Market Leadership

Competitive scale, long-term stability and a solid financing structure characterize TMB Bank

Sustained Profitability

TMB Bank shows top quartile on shareholders’ returns, with 40% contribution from consumer banking.

Quality Customers

Continue to attract high-quality customers


A convenient way to relieve stress by assisting customers in connecting with their communities

Customer Ratings


10 reviews

Customer Reviews


I never knew that loans can be given to foreigners living in Thailand, I have already applied for a long-term stability loan with TMB. Hopefully, the loan will get approved soon as possible.

Priscilla Kay


I couldn’t pay my bills, that why I enquired for the TMB personal loan, that’s where I got a call back saying that I was eligible for a loan. I got approved and paid off many bills and now I have just one payment. They are great and I will defiantly use them again.

Aman Moha


Thank you for the detailed information about loans from TMB. My friends have recommended this service to me. I have already sent my injury.

Edder Sullivan


This product looks very interesting, The guide has made me understand a little bit more about personal loans. I Will be applying for all loans with the Thaiger’s partners.

Lynn Chang


My personal loan application went through quickly and painlessly. Customer service was extremely accommodating, patient, and caring. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience!

Bernarth Cloff


Complete information will be very beneficial for foreigners living in Thailand.

Daisy Pongsisaeng

TMB Bank Personal Loan

A personal loan can be used for almost anything, and while there are many reasons to take out a personal loan, keep in mind that the loan must be paid at certain point. Most personal loans have fixed interest rates, which means that your payments will stay the same every month

TMB Cash2Go meet all your needs. The rate cut is 3% a year, and you can get a monthly interest discount by using TMB All account for free 5 days a month + applying for direct debit service with a 1.5 million baht authorization limit. For the first three months, those who earn a paycheck from a bank account will receive 9% interest every year

Key Points:

  • Interest rates are reduced every month
  • 3% interest
  • Instalment period up to 1 – 5 years
  • discounts every month

TMB Reddy Cash Loan is always helpful to get cash and you can get good interest rates on your loan depending on the actual amount paid. Other charges like a penalty, service charges, and other expenses are announced by the Bank. The CPR (Consumer Product Rate) is a floating rate with the minimum interest rate on Loans with TMB Bank

Key Points:

  • Interest rate 27% p.a.
  • Repay only 5% of the debt amount
  • Best for Cash withdrawals

TMB Flash Cash Card is a flexible credit that can be used for a range of uses without the use of securities. With a flash cash card, you can withdraw cash, receive funds transfers to your account or pay for goods and services in installments. Customers who wish to use cash flow for convenience will get benefit from this card.Interest is measured depending on the date of use. The bank measures interest by multiplying the withdrawal amount by the regular interest rate, and interest is paid from the transaction date onwards

Key Points:

  • Cash Advance
  • Simple instalment service
  • Suitable for emergency funds

The process was very quick and easy, much easier than going to the bank and asking for a personal loan

A personal loan will help you overcome certain needs at the right time, whether it’s an unplanned medical problem, a family wedding, or a holiday. Sometimes personal loans interest rates will be cheaper than your credit card interest rates.

Top tip: Make sure you meet all of the requirements to guarantee approval.

Why the Thaiger?

We perform all of the legwork for you, including an unbiased comparison of the market. We work closely with various finance providers, which is why we are always in the best place to offer you the best deals. You can be sure to receive a personalised experience as you apply for your personal loan in Thailand.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Personal Loans with The Thaiger

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Advantages of TMB Bank Personal Loans

When you need to pay for something unexpected, personal loans can be an alternative source of fast cash. Here is a list of advantages of TMB personal loans.

Quick approval

Apply for a personal loan with TMB Bank and obtain special privileges; approval is easy and convenient, particularly if you have a long-standing relationship with the bank


Personal loans from TMB bank can be used for a variety of things, including travel expenses, medical expenses, electronic gadgets, and even home and car improvements

Less Paperwork

Personal loans from TMB Bank don’t need a lot of paperwork. As a result, the processing time is shortened and the procedure is easy

Schemes and Offers

TMB Bank continues releasing special personal loan plans and deals all year round

Buy now, worry later

If you’re in desperate need of a break, try taking out a TMB Personal loan. A personal loan is a quick way to purchase now and pay later

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Frequently Asked Questions About TMB Personal Loan

TMB Bank provides you with the requisite facilities and advantages. They have the right service and loans depending on the needs of the customer

Yes, TMB Bank has a stable Swift system that allows you to send money abroad

Yes, but to get a bank loan as a foreigner, you’ll need at least a one-year work permit and proof of your salary slips.

You must be between the age group of 20 and65, and have worked for at least 6 months. Provide evidence of a 5,000 Baht minimum income. Have stayed at current address for at least three months and have a phone number that can be called both at home and at work

There are a variety of reasons for this, including a bad credit background, numerous missed payments, insufficient income, missing information, and unstable jobs

From start to finish, securing a personal loan will take anywhere from one day to several weeks

Yeah, a wedding loan is basically a personal loan which is used to pay all the wedding costs

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