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    How technology fosters a happy working environment

    Today, technology is not just a tool; it drives the creation of more enjoyable and efficient environments. With 97% of employees believing technology can greatly improve their workplace, it’s clear that the digital era is transforming our professional lives. However, there is a caveat. A significant 64% believe that businesses risk falling behind if they do not adopt new technology.…

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    Navigating the Thai workplace for expats

    Understanding the Thai workplace is vital for expats aiming to thrive in Thailand. The environment balances traditional values and modern dynamics. Respect for hierarchy is essential, with seniority often influencing decision-making processes. Expats should also familiarise themselves with Thai norms as a significant aspects include the traditional greeting known as the Wai, understanding that team spirit and harmony are highly…

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    How embody the Thai working spirit

    Immerse yourself in the fascinating realm of Thai working spirit, a phenomenon deeply rooted in Thai society for over a century. This isn’t a new concept, but one that has shaped the leadership and power dynamics in Thailand for generations, transforming ordinary individuals into legendary figures. In the past few decades, the practice of embodying the spirit of revered Thai…