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    TikTok user introduces followers to Thai dish of golden orb spider (video)

    A TikTok personality, known as @tdploy, recently introduced her followers to an unusual dish, Golden Orb Spider from her native region. The dish, Golden Orb Spider (แมงย่างซี้น), prepared from a large spider indigenous to Thailand, sparked curiosity amongst her online community yesterday (November 17). Despite the creepy appearance, @tdploy assures that its taste is surprisingly delicious. Nestled within the forest,…

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    Spider senses tarantula tingling: Arachnologists spin a web of discovery in Thailand

    If you go down in the Thailand woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise, but it’s almost guaranteed there’ll be no Teddy Bears’ picnic, as arachnologists found while discovering a new species of tarantula. Arachnologists discovered the new species of tarantula deep in a mangrove forest in Phang Nga province, on the southwestern coast of Thailand. They stumbled upon…