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    K-pop idol caught selling fan’s gift sparks industry debate

    A revelation has shaken the Korean entertainment industry as a member of a boy band was caught selling a fan-given gift on an online flea market. The incident came to light when the idol listed a shirt for sale at 150,000 won (3,900 baht), claiming it was purchased in Japan and was being sold due to a defect. However, the…

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    Ratchaburi fruit seller boosts sales with lively dance and vibrant attire

    At the bustling Sri Mueang Market in Thailand’s Ratchaburi Province, 51 year old Sorawat Leuang-ngamkham has found a unique way to attract customers and boost sales of his fruits and vegetables. He dances and shucks coconuts dressed in vibrant colours, providing a lively and eye-catching scene for passersby. When visiting the market, one can’t help but notice Sorawat displaying his…