Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC).

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    Disgraced Khon Kaen school director nabbed for buying sex from student, 12

    Authorities in Khon Kaen have launched an investigation into allegations of child sex abuse after the arrest of a school director and a retired teacher accused of purchasing sex from a 12-year-old student. The school director has been reassigned to the local educational services office and will face disciplinary action, according to Thee Pawangkhanan, deputy secretary-general of the Office of…

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    Shared toilets for teachers and students stir controversy

    The Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) sparked controversy with its recent decision to implement shared toilet facilities for teachers and students at all of its schools. The news was met with widespread criticism on a social media platform overseen by the Education Ministry. According to OBEC Secretary-General Thanu Wongchinda, shared toilets at schools for teachers and students will…

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    Thailand’s Grade 5 textbook sparks outcry over alleged malnutrition endorsement

    Critics have misinterpreted the content of a Thai-language textbook for Grade 5 pupils, following allegations that it appeared to condone malnutrition among young children, according to the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC). OBEC’s secretary-general, Amporn Pinasa, asserted that the criticised chapter, found in the Pasa Patee textbook used by fifth-graders, is actually a story about appreciating the value…