• Bangkok News

    Bangkok chef discovers newborn remains in suitcase

    A shocking discovery was made early yesterday morning when a chef found the remains of a newborn in his luggage, leading police to launch an investigation into the tragic incident. The 41 year old chef, Chusak, was unaware that his 30 year old wife, Panadda, was pregnant. The couple had recently separated, and the police are now seeking Panadda to…

  • China News

    Four men claim to be fathers of a newborn baby, revealing touching truth

    When a baby is born, it’s not uncommon to see people anxiously waiting outside the delivery room, hoping for good news. However, it’s rare to witness four men all claiming to be the father of the same baby. A pregnant Chinese woman experienced sudden abdominal pain despite not yet reaching her due date. Her family quickly took her to the hospital.…