36 and 50 Critical Illness

Get coverages for the most common 50 critical illnesses.

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Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance is a long-term insurance policy that covers serious illnesses and pays out a tax-free one-off payment. Though you are free to spend your money however you wish, there are limits to how much you can get and which illnesses will be covered within your policy.

36 Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance lets you protect yourself from potentially fatal conditions, diseases, and disorders. You can get cover of 36 illnesses with critical illness insurance. Your bank or financial advisor will provide you with all the details according to the critical illness plan that you choose. Here is the complete list of 36 critical illness: Stroke, Coma, Non-invasive Cancer, Third Degree Burns, Heart Attack, Multiple Sclerosis, Coronary Artery By-Pass Surgery, Paralysis of Limbs, Serious Coronary Artery Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Angioplasty and Coronary Artery Disease, Alzheimer, Dementia, Heart Valve Surgery, Motor Neuron Disease, Fulminant Viral Hepatitis, Parkinson’s Disease, End-Stage Liver Failure, Terminal Illness, Primary Pulmonary Arterial, Hypertension, Encephalitis, End-Stage Lung Disease, Benign Brain Tumor, Kidney Failure, Major Head Trauma, Surgery to Aorta, Bacterial Meningitis, Chronic Aplastic Anaemia, Medullary Cystic Disease, Major Organ / Bone Marrow Transplant, Brain Surgery, Blindness, Loss of Independent Existence, Deafness, HIV Infection Due to Blood Transfusion, Loss of Speech and Cardiomyopathy.

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50 Critical Illness Cover

50 critical illness means that you will be covered for 50 critical illnesses, which is more comprehensive than 36 critical illness. So, you will be worry-free about medical treatment expenses and financial burden on your loved ones in case anything happens. Most of the coverages are identical to 36 illness cover, however, these are the 14 additional illnesses Stroke Requiring Carotid Endarterectomy Surgery, Cerebral Aneurysm Treatment, Endovascular Coiling, Aplastic Anemia, Total and Permanent Disability, Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus Nephritis from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Apallic Syndrome, Multi Root Avulsions of Brachial Plexus, Poliomyelitis, Surgery for Idiopathic Scoliosis, Chronic Relapsing Pancreatitis, Necrotizing Fasciitis and Gangrene, Progressive Scleroderma or Diffuse Systemic Sclerosis/Scleroderma and Severe Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease.

Here at the Thaiger, we aim to make the whole process of purchasing critical illness insurance easier and more convenient for you. Whether you are an individual, family, or group. We understand that you expect to get great value when it comes to critical illness insurance, and we are here to help you make sure that your money is invested in the best critical illness plan in the local market.

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How Can Critical Illness Insurance Protect You From Financial Problems?

A serious disease comes with several costs that go far beyond treatment and hospital stays. Recovery also involves dealing with massive costs associated with extended care, medication, or loss of income.

If you are diagnosed with a critical illness, you’ll be given a lump sum payment that you can use at your discretion. Some people use it to offset treatment costs while others use the money for things like travelling, childcare, or anything else that aren’t medically linked to the illness.

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Why Is It Important to Get Critical Illness Insurance?

You may be wondering why you need to get critical illness insurance when you already have health insurance. Below, we have listed several reasons why you should consider getting critical illness over health insurance.

Save You From Financial Troubles

No one knows what the future holds and getting a critical illness can happen to anybody. In some cases, it may be hereditary and in others, the cause is unknown. In the unfortunate event that you get diagnosed with a critical illness, is best to be financially prepared, in case the unexpected worse might happen. Not only does critical illness insurance save you from financial hardship it also ensures you get the right care and treatment to get you back on your feet.

Covers Illnesses That Aren’t Covered By Health Insurance

Given the high costs of critical illness treatment, most health insurance won’t cover critical illnesses. This means that you might have to pay for your treatment out of pocket. With critical illness insurance, you don’t have to worry about the treatment as it will give you a lump sum amount of money.

Peace of Mind

With critical illness insurance, you can have peace of mind and concentrate more on your treatment rather than running around to arrange funds for the treatment and household expenses.

Tax Benefits

Critical illness payout is mostly tax-free.

Critical Illness Cover for Heart Attacks

Heart attacks are one of the most common severe health problems covered by critical illness insurance and is advised especially important as a health and financial precaution for people with heart disease, those with a family history of heart conditions, and those over the age of 60.

However, if you fall into one of these categories or simply want to ensure that you and your loved ones are taken care of in any case, purchasing critical illness coverage for 36 or 50 illness will provide you with the peace of mind that financial protection provides.

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