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Critical Illness

Protect yourself from medical emergencies with Critical Illness Insurance.

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Why Should You Buy Critical Illness Insurance?

With Critical illness, you can get coverage for five essential illness categories up to 3,000,000 baht. For a few thousand baht, you can get critical illness insurance that covers you up to millions of baht.

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance, otherwise referred to as a cover for critical illness or feared disease policy, protects you in the event of a significant health emergency. It pays out a one-time lump sum cash benefit should you get diagnosed with a covered condition, such as cancer, stroke, or heart attack.

Critical illness insurance is specifically designed to help you with the cost of treating and recovering from severe illnesses that requires expensive treatment.

In addition to cancer, stroke, and heart attack, critical illness insurance policy may also cover bypass surgery, kidney failure, angioplasty, organ transplant, Alzheimer’s, coma, paralysis, and more.

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How Will Critical Illness Insurance Benefit You?

You might think you don’t need critical illness insurance because you already have health insurance. However, critical illness insurance offers numerous benefits that your standard health insurance might not provide.

Medical Services

Critical illness insurance provides various insurance policy coverages that are not available at other medical health services, for example stroke, heart attack, and cancer.

Covered Treatments

Some health insurance doesn’t cover treatments for serious diseases; that’s why critical illness insurance can be beneficial in other situations.

Daily Expenses

Daily allowance compensation is designed to allow people who are critically ill to concentrate their time and energy on getting better rather than thinking about work.


Critical illness insurance cover transportation for those who have trouble getting around. The insurance provides services such as going to and from care, retrofitting cars to carry wheelchairs and many more.

Who Should Have Critical Illness Insurance?

It’s true that not everyone will need Critical Illness Insurance, but it’s for the best to have extra protection. Here, we have listed a few groups of people who would need critical illness insurance the most.

People with Hereditary Illness

In nature, many critical diseases are hereditary, meaning they run in the family. You are at a much higher risk of contracting a critical disease if the same disease runs in your family. Therefore, if your family have a history of critical illness, you should undoubtedly opt for critical illness insurance.


The wage-earners, or commonly referred to as breadwinners, have the most important role in their family. They should protect themselves against anything, including critical illnesses, by having insurance. If you are the sole wage-earner in your family or you don’t have a partner who can cover living costs, Critical Illness Insurance might be essential for you. It ensures that your family’s financial security will not be affected should you become severely ill.

People over 40 years

Are you over the age of 40? Then critical illness insurance might be the right option for you. Like it or not, people over the age of 40 are vulnerable to developing critical illnesses. This is why if you’re over 40 years old, you are encouraged to purchase critical illness insurance.

People with limited savings

Suppose you don’t have enough money saved to fall back on if you fall ill or become disabled unexpectedly. In that case, you may need critical illness insurance. With critical illness insurance, you can still cover expenses such as loans, bills, mortgages, or medical costs, even if you fall severely ill and don’t have enough money in your savings.

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Customer Reviews


Thank you so much. I will be recommending this service to my friends and family for sure.

Sally Holland


I was able to get a policy in no time, Khun Anne did an amazing job explaining the policy to me and guiding me through the entire process. Thank you the thaiger team.

Jammie Thanes

I couldn’t be happier with this policy. I would recommend you to read the article before applying for the insurance.

James Newman


Not being familiar with the insurance, it was nice having all the information in once place and answers to my questions.

Sem O’Neal


The buying experience with Thethaiger was overall very positive and smooth. Online quotes from several providers all at once helped me choose the right provider without having to deal with each of them one by one. The agent completed the survey on the phone in a few minutes and didn’t pressure me to buy the policy.

Robbert Adams


The Thaiger did an excellent job finding my critical illness insurance and walking me through every step along the way – I highly recommend using this company!

Nicky Chang

What to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing Critical Illness Insurance

There’s a lot to keep in mind when choosing the right critical illness insurance for you. You don’t want to buy coverage you don’t need, but you also need to ensure that you are fully covered.

Below, we listed out everything you need to keep in mind to help you decide what type of Critical Illness coverage you need.

You would need to know precisely which diseases the policy you choose protects. A critical illness insurance policy will only cover a limited amount of specific illnesses. To make sure you know which one, review the insurance policy records carefully.

Key Points:

  • Always review insurance policies.
  • Know the illnesses covered.
  • Understand what you will be covered for.

You have to understand just how seriously disabled or sick you need to be before you can make a claim. Some early stages of common cancers, for example, may not be included in the policy. In some cases, you will have to be completely disabled before you can get any money.

Key Points:

  • Know your insurance coverage.
  • In certain cases, you may have to be completely disabled to be able to make claims.
  • Be keen in choosing plans.

Knowing your medical history will help you a lot in the decision process. Find out if the policy you choose will protect your current medical condition.

Key Points:

  • Know the policy before signing up.
  • The insurer should explain what will be included in your plan.
  • Some medical conditions will be covered, others will not.

Critical illness will greatly affect your way of life, especially if you lose income. Therefore, always protect yourself.

It’s essential to decide which policy works for you. The cost of care for some essential diseases is considerably lower than others. I didn’t understand anything about critical illness insurance, how it will benefit me, and which policy I should choose, but the Thaiger helped a lot throughout the process. I’m grateful for the help and glad I decided to get the insurance. Now I can relax and enjoy life. I know if I need treatment for my illness in the future, I already have the right insurance in place.

Top tip: Always look for premiums with low waiting periods and understand how much coverage you want in choosing the right package.

How Much Will Critical illness Cost Me?

Critical illness insurance premiums depend on a wide variety of variables, including your age, gender, fitness, leisure habits (such as smoking), and policy advantages. When you apply for this type of insurance, insurers will conduct a thorough underwriting procedure to determine your health conditions and even your family history of illness to set your premium.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Critical Illness with The Thaiger.

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Major Diseases Covered by Critical Illness Insurance

A serious illness is a disease which causes a severe illness that can lead to death. What serious illnesses will critical illness insurance cover?

Major Cancers

Major cancers including leukaemia, lymphoma and sarcoma will be covered under the critical illness insurance that will greatly help lower your hospital cost and other hospitalization expenses.

Severe Heart Attack

DeathAnother critical illness that will be covered will be a severe heart attack.


Stroke is included in the critical illness coverage because can acquire a big amount of money when you get hospitalized.

Kidney Failure

A severe case is acute kidney injury which may be subjected to substantial claims.

Aplastic Anemia

If you have severe aplastic anaemia you are qualified to be under the critical illness coverages.

End-Stage Lung Disease

Severe lung disease which causes chronic respiratory failure is also included under the critical illness coverage.

Liver Failure

One of the critical illness if liver failure which can be covered under the critical illness insurance.


Having been comatose for more than 96 hours will automatically be included under the critical illness insurance.

Heart Valve Surgery

If you have or having an open-heart surgery you are also covered under the critical illness insurance so won’t need to worry about high hospital bills.

Parkinson’s Disease

This critical illness is one of the most common diseases that is always included under critical illness insurance.

Personal Accident Insurance

Besides critical illnesses, we also cannot prevent accidents from occurring. Even when we take reasonable precautions in our daily lives, accidents can and do happen. Our own miscalculation or clumsiness causes some accidents. Others are out of our control, such as drunk drivers.

In addition, the risk of accidents increases depending on the nature of your job or your lifestyle. If you operate heavy machinery for a living or are an adrenaline junkie, your risk of getting into an accident is likely to be higher.

The point is, accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, without any warnings, whether we like it or not. Therefore, to prevent its risks and protect you from the financial consequences that it may cause, getting Personal Accident Insurance is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions About Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness is any disease or sickness that requires medical attention. The most common types of critical illness include cancer, renal failure, coronary artery (bypass) operation, heart attack (myocardial infarction), heart valve surgery, major organ transplantation, multiple sclerosis, primary pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Your age, lifestyle, city of residence, and annual income are all important factors in deciding how much coverage you’ll need while in Thailand. There are many diseases that you might not be aware of, but essential illness insurance will keep you safe from local diseases like malaria and dengue fever.

Critical illness is not a necessity as the main coverage are similar to health or life insurance. However, critical illness plans provide a crucial safety net when you need it the most.

Critical illness also has some different coverages that might not be covered by health insurance.

We recommend Rider of Cancer Safety.

– Full coverage of 3xx,xxx Baht* until non-invasive cancer is diagnosed***

– Additional profit of 2,xxx,xxx Baht* until invasive cancer is diagnosed

– Up to 1x,xxx Baht* daily reimbursement advantage in case of being hospitalized as an inpatient due to cancer

Each health policy has distinct benefits that do not cover certain critical disease treatments. Critical illness insurance will provide you with a lump sum to take care of the costs. You will use this amount to take care of yourself if you stop working and lose money. In the event of death, your loved ones will earn a lump sum payout as an inheritance from vital disease insurance.

According to the Revenue Department, the premium is entitled to a tax deduction even if you don not make a claim.

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