Phuket Cannabis

Phuket Cannabis has one of the biggest selection of strains on the island. With an extensive range of over 100 strains, including Sativas, Indicas, hybrids, and CBD-dominant options, it caters to all preferences. Its well-curated display also makes it easy for you to explore and discover new favourites, and you’ll find everything from flowers and edibles to oils and topicals.

Aside from their array of products, the passionate staff at Phuket Cannabis are true experts in the field. They’re always ready to assist both beginners and experienced consumers with valuable insights on dosing, strain selection, and consumption methods. Moreover, Phuket Cannabis also has a welcoming space that seamlessly blends tropical vibes with modern sophistication. The result is a cosy but chic ambience reminiscent of a trendy cafe, perfect for those looking to relax, connect with like-minded people, or seek advice from professionals.

To top it all off, Phuket Cannabis boasts a prime location in the heart of Patong. Easily accessible from some of Phuket’s most famous beaches and nightlife hotspots, it’s a dream destination for weed-loving tourists.

With its perfect mix of location, variety, and vibe, as well as respect for the law, the culture, and the plant itself, Phuket Cannabis is a vibrant hub for cannabis culture in Thailand.

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Phuket Cannabis
Image courtesy of Phuket Cannabis


Phuket Cannabis, 90/2 Nanai Road, 83150 Patong, Phuket


Working hours:

Opening hours: 8AM – 2AM Daily