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    Thai police arrest Nigerian man for cocaine and visa overstay

    Thai police raided a luxury hotel in Koh Pha Ngan and arrested a 47 year old Nigerian national for possession of cocaine and overstaying his visa. The Nigerian, Kenneth, claimed to use magic to evade detection during his drug transactions. Tourist Police Chief Saksira Puek-am revealed that the operation was conducted as part of a broader crime suppression effort targeting…

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    Fears mount as Thailand’s 10 year old rice set to hit Nigeria

    Growing concerns and fears are emerging in Africa’s most populous country over the possibility of Thailand’s 10-year-old stored rice entering the Nigerian and African markets. This comes after the Thai government announced plans to sell it to the public, BusinessDay Nigeria has reported. Thailand plans to auction 150,000 sacks of rice that have been kept in warehouses for 10 years,…

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    From Russia with blow: Cocaine bust nets three Nigerians

    A Russian man‘s arrest in Wichit for cocaine possession has led to the apprehension of three Nigerian nationals, identified as significant drug dealers in Phuket. The Immigration Bureau announced these arrests during a press conference held yesterday in Bangkok. The operation began in early April following a tip-off regarding a 38 year old Russian national, referred to as Denis (not…

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    Nigerian man arrested for smuggling 1.4 kg of cocaine

    The Thai Customs Department arrested a Nigerian man at Suvarnabhumi International Airport on Saturday for smuggling 1.4 kilogrammes of cocaine into Thailand. The Nigerian swallowed 69 capsules of the drug. Thai Customs yesterday, March 25, reported a significant development. Working alongside the Airport Interdiction Task Force (AITF) at Suvarnabhumi Airport, they identified a Nigerian man whose name appeared on both…

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    Nigeria sentences five to prison for exhuming skull in wealth ritual

    In a shocking development, Nigeria has sentenced five men to 12 years in prison each for the crime of exhuming a human skull. The suspects, aged between 18 to 28 years, intended to deliver the skull to a traditional healer who claimed it was vital for rituals promising to make them wealthy. The convicted men were found guilty of unearthing…

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    Nigerian arrested in Bangkok for drug trafficking, used cookie box to hide cocaine

    In a recent drug trafficking bust, Bangkok Metropolitan Police (BMP) apprehended a Nigerian man involved in the possession and sale of cocaine, following a tip-off about his activities in the Rama 9 area of the capital. The BMP apprehended the Nigerian man, Chiemela Solomon Onu, for possessing and selling cocaine. The arrest took place at a condominium in the Rama…

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    Scam of hearts and bahts: Nigerian and 13 Thais arrested for operating romance scam

    Royal Thai Police yesterday arrested a Nigerian man and 13 Thais for operating a covert romance scam. The scam operation managed to deceive hundreds of victims across Thailand out of over 800 million baht in the past four years. The Commissioner of the Crime Suppression Division (CSD), Montri Tatekhan, revealed the arrest details to the public today. Montri explained that the…

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    Nigerian’s dramatic car chase leads to cocaine trafficking revelations

    A 26 year old Nigerian led Thai police on a frenzied car chase across in Phuket in an attempt to escape charges that escalated and escalated the more police uncovered. The incident unfolded in the afternoon in Thalang, when the Phuket Immigration Police, along with officers from the Cherng Talay Police Station began trailing a suspicious sedan driving through. When…

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    Nigeria’s CBN appoints Shonubi interim governor amid reforms

    Nigeria’s Central Bank (CBN) has a new interim governor, Folashodun Shonubi, following the suspension and arrest of former Governor Godwin Emefiele. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu cited an ongoing investigation and planned banking sector reforms as reasons for the change. The move has been well-received by investors and analysts, who view Shonubi’s appointment as a shift towards a more traditional economic…

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    Nigeria’s eurobonds surge after Central Bank Governor suspension

    Nigeria’s sovereign dollar-denominated bonds experienced a significant increase as international investors reacted positively to the suspension of Central Bank Governor Godwin Emefiele. His tenure saw multiple exchange rates that failed to maintain a strong naira. The country’s eurobonds prices surged, with many issues reaching their highest values since late January. Longer-dated maturities, such as the 2049 maturity, witnessed the largest…

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    Nigeria’s petrol subsidy removal: President promises infrastructure investment

    Nigeria’s President Bola Tinubu has acknowledged the additional burden on citizens following the removal of a popular petrol subsidy, but emphasised that the decision will ultimately benefit the nation through investments in education, power supply, transport infrastructure, and healthcare. In a broadcast on Democracy Day, Tinubu stated that the subsidy had become increasingly expensive for the country, with the government…

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    Nigerian drug dealer and romance scammer arrested in Phuket

    A Nigerian man, previously arrested for drug-related offences and deported from Thailand, was arrested yesterday by officers from the Phuket Provincial Immigration Office and Chalong Police Station for his drug dealing and romance scam activities in Phuket. According to the police report, the 40 year old Nigerian, Harrison Shinonzo Onyema, was deported in 2018 for overstaying his visa and selling…

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    Phuket police bust Nigerian overstayers

    Phuket police busted Nigerian overstayers in at least two areas of the island province yesterday. Officers from Phuket Immigration and the Phuket Tourist Police caught the group of four men in Chalong and Rawai. Phuket Tourist Police Deputy Chief Lieutenant Colonel Ekachai Siri said that “good citizens” had alerted police that the men were involved in illegal activities such as…

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    Thai women tricked into sex work in Nigeria seek help

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand is on a mission to rescue a group of Thai women stuck in Nigeria who claim they were offered work as masseuses but forced into prostitution instead. Last week, relatives of the women sought help from Paveena Hongsakul, who is a Thai women’s rights and children’s rights activist, ex-Minister of Social Development and…

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    Nigerian and Vietnamese couple found dead linked to drug trade

    The two foreign nationals found buried in a forest in northeast Thailand last month might have been linked to the drug trade, according to the national police. The couple, a 38 year old Nigerian man and a 33 year old Vietnamese woman was found buried in a forest in Nakhon Ratchasima province on July 28. Today, Thailand’s national police chief…

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    Nigerian monkeypox case who fled Thailand is banned from Cambodia for 3 years

    Cambodia has ordered the deportation of a 27 year old Nigerian man who recently recovered from monkeypox. The man originally fled Thailand last month, after testing positive for the virus, and because he had overstayed his education visa, which expired in January. Cambodian immigration announced yesterday that he had recovered and they planned to send him back to Nigeria soon.…

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    Dead bodies in northeast Thailand belong to Nigerian & Vietnamese nationals

    The bodies of a man and a woman found buried in a forest in northeast Thailand on July 28 have been identified as a Nigerian man and a Vietnamese woman. The man was 38 years old, and the woman was 33 years old. Police believe the couple had been dead for two to four weeks when they were found, making…

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    Was the Nigerian man the real first monkeypox case in Thailand?

    The head of the Centre for Medical Genomics at Ramathibodi Hospital has addressed what many have questioned in the wild case of the Nigerian man who was diagnosed in Phuket with monkeypox and then fled to Cambodia. This first confirmed case of monkeypox in Thailand was likely contracted inside of the country, suggesting earlier, unidentified cases. The Nigerian man arrived…

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    Nigerian monkeypox fugitive arrested in Cambodia

    The first monkeypox case in Thailand has now become the first monkeypox case in Cambodia. A Nigerian man on the run after disappearing on Tuesday when diagnosed with monkeypox in Phuket has been apprehended in Cambodia. The deputy governor of Phnom Penh confirmed that 27 year old Osmond Chihazirim Nzere was arrested yesterday in the Cambodian capital city. The man…

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    Extradition for Nigerian wanted for alleged murder of Thai woman on hold

    A Nigerian man wanted for the murder of a Thai woman has been told he must remain in detention until Canada gets assurances from Thailand he won’t face the death penalty if extradited. The Nigerian, allegedly identified as John Odoemenam but using a fake South African passport with the name, Mzwakhe Memela, and also known as Prince Michael Obi, last…

  • World NewsNigerian interfaith women's group awarded Aachen Peace Prize

    Nigerian interfaith women’s group awarded Aachen Peace Prize

    “We were so happy, we are still happy and will continue to be happy,” exclaimed Daharatu Ahmed Aliyu. “And now we are international superstars!” added Elizabeth Majinya Abuk from the background, laughing. The two women arrived in Germany from Nigeria two days before they will receive the award on behalf of their organization: Women’s Interfaith Council (WIC). The women’s organization…

  • Sports NewsHow karate is helping Nigerian women protect themselves

    How karate is helping Nigerian women protect themselves

    Zainab Saleh found karate as a young girl. Now she uses her annual women-only championship to advocate for the sport in a country where domestic violence and mass kidnapping is endangering the lives of women and girls. SOURCE: DW News

  • World NewsUnease as Nigeria marks one year after #EndSARS protests

    Unease as Nigeria marks one year after #EndSARS protests

    Empty burnt-down buildings in Nigeria’s commercial capital Lagos are all that remains of the #EndSARS movement — a largely youth-driven protest movement — that shook Nigeria’s ruling class to its core in October 2020. As a precaution to avoid a repeat, Nigerian police issued a warning to thwart any potential fresh protests. Tens of thousands of people took to the…

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    11 million baht online scams see Thai woman, Nigerian man arrested

    Police in Phuket have arrested a Thai woman and a Nigerian man accused of bilking victims out of at least 11 million baht in online romance scams. The pair were taken into custody by officers from the Immigration Bureau and the Cherng Talay Police at a rented room located in Srisoonthorn, Thalang. Police only made public the arrest yesterday though…

  • World NewsThe 77 Percent — Who is to blame for the rising insecurity in Northern Nigeria?

    The 77 Percent — Who is to blame for the rising insecurity in Northern Nigeria?

    Host: Zaharadeen Umar SOURCE: DW News

  • World NewsNigeria cracks down on separatists as security issues mount in the north

    Nigeria cracks down on separatists as security issues mount in the north

    Activist Sunday Adeyemo, known popularly in Nigeria as Sunday Igboho, was arrested in neighboring Benin on Monday evening, according to media reports. He was about to take a flight to Germany at the time. A senior Benin police official confirmed the arrest, saying Igboho “will be extradited to Nigeria as soon as the two countries have agreed on conditions.” It…

  • Sports NewsTokyo 2020: Nigeria pinning basketball hopes on American diaspora

    Tokyo 2020: Nigeria pinning basketball hopes on American diaspora

    Nigeria are potential Olympic medal candidates with a basketball team made up mainly of US-based players. But some question whether relying on the diaspora is a sustainable long-term model for basketball in the country. SOURCE: DW News

  • World NewsNigerian kidnappings reach crisis point

    Nigerian kidnappings reach crisis point

    Gunmen kidnapped 140 students from a boarding school in northwestern Nigeria on Monday. It was the latest in a wave of mass abductions targeting schoolchildren in Africa’s most populous nation. The assailants opened fire and overpowered security guards after storming the Bethel Baptist High School in Kaduna state before abducting most of the 165 pupils boarding there overnight. ‘Government failure’…

  • World NewsNigeria: Has President Buhari lost control?

    Nigeria: Has President Buhari lost control?

    Less than a year after protests against police abuse turned into the largest anti-government demonstration in Nigeria’s 20-year-old democracy, an onslaught of political, economic and security crises along with various outbreaks of violence around the country have ensnared the government. Conflict Zone met with Nigeria’s ambassador to Germany, Yusuf Maitama Tuggar. The political brand and two electoral successes of President…

  • World NewsDW honors Nigerian reporter Tobore Ovuorie for defending the voiceless

    DW honors Nigerian reporter Tobore Ovuorie for defending the voiceless

    Screams filled the dark corners of the high-security camp. The young women around Tobore Ovuorie scrambled to escape into the night. She was frozen from horror. Her clothes splattered with blood, and her eyes transfixed on the two bodiless heads that just tumbled to the ground. Everything turned black, her consciousness drifting from her body. When Ovuorie recounts her experience…