Month: August 2002

  • PhuketMajor switch in Patong budget | Thaiger

    Major switch in Patong budget

    PATONG: About 50 million baht is to be spent on community services such as education, public health and community activities in Patong’s budget plan for 2002/2003. The budget represents a major switch from heavy infrastructure spending to an emphasis on developing people and communities. After Patong Municipal Council approved the plan yesterday, Sakorn Cheua-yuan, Deputy Mayor of Patong, said, “We…

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  • PhuketDrug offenders keep prison full | Thaiger

    Drug offenders keep prison full

    PHUKET TOWN: More than 50% of the inmates at Phuket Provincial Prison are behind bars for drug-related offences, according to the latest statistics released by the prison. Of the 1,241 inmates, 503 men and 130 women are serving time for narcotics offenses. Of the remaining prisoners, 213 are being held for theft, 163 for murder or attempted murder, 46 for…

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  • PhuketHotels pay only 30pc of provincial tax | Thaiger

    Hotels pay only 30pc of provincial tax

    PHUKET: The Phuket Provincial Administration Organization (OrBorJor) has collected about 30% of the much-reviled hotel room tax and plans to pursue the hotels that have failed to cough up the remaining 70%, which is worth close to 95 million baht. The 40 million baht collected so far is to be spent on various tourism-related projects, including the provision of lifeguards…

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  • PhuketWarning on wet-season power | Thaiger

    Warning on wet-season power

    PHUKET TOWN: The Manager of the Phuket Provincial Electricity Authority (PPEA), Sornchai Uparamai, has warned that wet and windy conditions during the monsoon season may cause electrical accidents. Anyone who sees broken power lines, poles, or other potentially dangerous situations is urged to call the PPEA on 076-210427/8.

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  • PhuketConvention center “benefits all’ | Thaiger

    Convention center “benefits all’

    KRABI: A regional improvement conference at Krabi has been told that an international convention and exhibition center (CEC) on Phuket would also benefit other provinces. Provincial Vice Governor Winai Buapradit told the conference on August 22 that the Thai Government was prepared to spend 800 million baht on the CEC and was in the process of choosing a site. Anupharp…

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  • Phuket26 arrested, but gambling boss escapes | Thaiger

    26 arrested, but gambling boss escapes

    PHUKET TOWN: Police raided a gambling den in a shack behind the Metropole Hotel early this morning, arresting 22 men and four women. Phuket Town Superintendent Pol Col Paween Pongsirin, who led the raid, said, “We acted on tips from our sources who said there were people gambling behind the hotel. We arrested 26 gamblers, who are all being held…

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  • PhuketProstitution? Odds are against it | Thaiger

    Prostitution? Odds are against it

    PHUKET: Latest police statistics reveal a big contrast between the crimes of prostitution and gambling in the period between August 1 and August 25. While 223 people were arrested for gambling in that period, up by 21 over the same period in July, there was not a single arrest for prostitution, compared with the 12 made between July 1 and…

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  • PhuketSurasak hits the campaign trail | Thaiger

    Surasak hits the campaign trail

    PATONG: Mayor Surasak Maneesri on Monday got the jump on Pian Keesin, his main rival for the coming Patong mayoral election, by launching his campaign and introducing his team of preferred councilors. Standing in front of about 200 Patong residents gathered outside the old municipal offices on Phisit Gorani Rd, K. Surasak introduced all 23 members of his team. Together…

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  • PhuketHundreds of Burmese deported | Thaiger

    Hundreds of Burmese deported

    PHUKET TOWN: Hundreds of illegal Burmese were sent home today in trucks, and Immigration officers are hunting for hundreds more they say are still in Phuket. Pol Col Apirak Hongtong, Superintendent of Phuket Immigration Office, said, “We are seeking more escaped Burmese who are hiding out in all kinds of places.” The colonel also said that the department was investigating…

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  • PhuketWe do, we do, we do | Thaiger

    We do, we do, we do

    PHUKET TOWN: Six couples were married in a mass wedding today at Satree Phuket School in Phuket Town, with grooms coming from as far afield as Australia and the US. Naowarat Wongkaew, 33, from Chumphon, first met Australian architect Trevor Draydon, 48, six years ago in Bangkok. “My husband likes Thai culture, especially the wedding ceremony,” she said. The Gazette…

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  • PhuketGreen fuel gets green light | Thaiger

    Green fuel gets green light

    AO MAKHAM: Viset Choopiban, President of the Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT), this morning announced that the PTT will continue to offer fuel free of excise tax and VAT to the operators of Thai fishing boats. The project, called “Green Fuel for Fishermen in the Andaman Sea” because the tax-free diesel is dyed green, was launched as an experiment six…

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  • PhuketSea Gypsy village raid nets 500 fish | Thaiger

    Sea Gypsy village raid nets 500 fish

    RAWAI: Phuket Marine Police on Sunday seized more than 500 fish of protected species in a raid at the Sea Gypsy village off Wiset Rd. Two men seen in possession of the fish managed to escape. Pol Lt Col Prathuang Srilamontri told the Gazette that officers, acting on a tip-off, arrived at the village at 9 pm and surprised two…

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  • Other NewsLottery “losers’ win | Thaiger

    Lottery “losers’ win

    NAKHORN SRI THAMMARAT: The rules of the new-fangled underground lottery are easy: the player must pick five numbers. If none of these five numbers is the same as the last three numbers of the first prize in the government lottery, the player wins. For each 100-baht bet, the player wins 1,500 baht if his numbers don’t come up. Police, already…

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  • PhuketNew tourism targets for the South | Thaiger

    New tourism targets for the South

    PHUKET TOWN: A sweeping plan for tourism in the Phuket region will give each destination a clear identity and a target market. The project, covering all southern provinces, seeks to suggest appropriate government budgets, and focus on the image of each spot. The plan will be overseen by MP Anchalee Vanich-Thepabutr, as President of the Southern Thailand Tourism Improvement Planning…

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  • Cannabis NewsMarijuana arrests at full moon party | Thaiger

    Marijuana arrests at full moon party

    KAMALA: Police raided a full moon party at the Rhythm & Beach Cantina in Kamala and arrested three foreigners for allegedly smoking marijuana on the beach nearby. “There were 40-50 at the party, but only three foreigners who were smoking ganja on the beach,” said Pol Lt Col Narong Laksanawimol, of Kathu Police Station. Pilaiwan Maotaknoi, the manager of Rhythm…

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  • PhuketEarless body found in “Burmese Cemetery’ | Thaiger

    Earless body found in “Burmese Cemetery’

    PHUKET TOWN: The body of a man with the ears cut off was found in the notorious “Burmese Cemetery” over the weekend. The man’s torso and face bore about 100 stab marks. Villagers found the man, lying face down and dressed only in underwear, in mangroves behind the fishing port on Sri Sena Rd about 8 am on Saturday. While…

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  • PhuketTourism road show wins buyers | Thaiger

    Tourism road show wins buyers

    PHUKET: A “Southern Paradise” tourism road show to Singapore and Malaysia was so successful that the Phuket Tourism Association (PTA) has decided to do another, to the Middle East. Panu Masirat, Vice-President of Marketing for the PTA, told the Gazette that the attractions of spas and Thai massage proved very appealing to people in both countries. There were 25 booths…

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  • PhuketTourist drowns on raft tour | Thaiger

    Tourist drowns on raft tour

    PHANG NGA: A Malaysian tourist drowned on a raft excursion to Song Praek waterfall in Phang Nga on Tuesday. Police said that the man, named as Wee Siaw Kong, 29, could not swim and died despite wearing a buoyancy aid and despite the efforts of guides and fellow tourists. Mr Wee, with three other tourists and two staff of tour…

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  • Phuket

    Phuket-inspired music CD launched

    PHUKET TOWN: Phuket-born album producer Jumpol “Goh Khai” (Older Brother Khai) Thongtan this week launched a limited-release album called “Pleng Phuket”, labeled in English as “Pleasant Tunes of Phuket”. The one-hour launch took place at the classic Sino-Portuguese home of Pracha Tantawanich, a well-known senior citizen of Phuket, whose house is a popular tourist sight in Phuket Town. K. Jumpol…

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  • Koh SamuiSamui killer ‘may be box jellyfish’ | Thaiger

    Samui killer ‘may be box jellyfish’

    PHUKET: A scientist and a yachtsman today suggested that the seaborne killer responsible for the deaths of two tourists in waters around Koh Pha-ngan may have been a box jellyfish, reputed to be the world’s most venomous marine creature. Two tourists were killed in separate incidents earlier this month at Koh Pha-ngan, near Koh Samui, with one victim’s legs bearing…

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  • PhuketRenewal date reminder for foreign labor | Thaiger

    Renewal date reminder for foreign labor

    PHUKET: The one-year permits for registration of Burmese, Laotian and Cambodian laborers expire on September 25, the Phuket Employers Club (PEC) reminded members yesterday. The rules have also been tightened, the PEC said. The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare will allow only laborers who already have work permits to renew for another year. In addition, this year, freelance foreign…

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  • PhuketKiller jellyfish “unknown in Phuket’ | Thaiger

    Killer jellyfish “unknown in Phuket’

    SURAT THANI: A biologist said today that a killer jellyfish blamed for the deaths of two tourists in separate attacks near Koh Samui had never been seen in Phuket’s waters. Supot Chantrapornsyl, Marine Biologist at Phuket’s Marine Biological Center, told the Gazette that the “Portuguese Man of War” which was found in local waters could sting painfully and inflame the…

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