Year: 1999

  • Phuket NewsDrivers advised to divert around sewerage work | Thaiger

    Drivers advised to divert around sewerage work

    PHUKET TOWN: Drivers are advised to avoid possible traffic jams caused by the laying of sewers on Mae Luan Rd (see yesterday’s story, below) by using Susan Rd, around the Sarakul Stadium. The diversion will be signposted. At a later stage, parts of Si Sena Rd, Si Suthat Rd, Amphoe Rd, Surin Rd, Luang Pho Rd, Wichit Songkram Rd and…

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  • Phuket NewsPhuket prepares for regional sports contest | Thaiger

    Phuket prepares for regional sports contest

    PHUKET TOWN: The local office of the Sports Authority of Thailand is currently putting together the squad to represent Phuket in the “Four Ages Sports Against Drugs” tournament in Songkhla between May 29 and June 2. Khun Wirat Visuttarom, head of the office, explained that the purpose of the tournament is to promote sport, to build relationships between various groups…

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  • Phuket NewsRugby star’s wife hospitalised after accident | Thaiger

    Rugby star’s wife hospitalised after accident

    PHUKET TOWN: The wife of top Australian rugby player Kerrod Walters was rushed to the Bangkok Phuket Hospital in the early hours of Sunday (May 9) after an accident in a tuk-tuk near the Safari Club in Patong. Mr Walters told the Gazette that his wife Maureen, 31, was on holiday in Phuket with a friend, staying at the Patong…

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  • Phuket NewsPipe work begins on wastewater treatment system | Thaiger

    Pipe work begins on wastewater treatment system

    PHUKET TOWN: Traffic on Mae Luan Road is likely to be disrupted for about three months from next Monday (May 17) as pipe-laying work begins on the second phase of Phuket Town’s sewerage system. The excavations will extend from the offices of Phuket Prevention Guard Co to the junction with Wichit Songkram Road. Phase 1 of the project, which involved…

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  • Phuket NewsMountain hikes to resume | Thaiger

    Mountain hikes to resume

    PATTANI PROVINCE: Local authorities here have decided to repeat their successful eco-hikes to the top of Sankalakiri Mountain, the highest peak in southern Thailand. Over the course of two days and one night, hikers will be guided through the forest and to the top of the mountain. From the summit, 1,300 metres above sea level, they can look down into…

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  • Phuket NewsGovernor urges tougher action against drugs | Thaiger

    Governor urges tougher action against drugs

    PHUKET TOWN: The Governor of Phuket, Chadej Insawang, has urged the Phuket Office of Narcotics Control to work harder to stamp out drug use on the island. At a meeting of the Narcotics Control Committee yesterday, the Governor said that although the spread of narcotics in Phuket was “moderate” he was very unhappy that it existed at all. He pointed…

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  • Phuket NewsAdvice on spotting funny money | Thaiger

    Advice on spotting funny money

    PHUKET TOWN: Khun Chaiyos Chinda-Udomset, president of the Phuket Commercial Banks Association, has offered advice on how the public can identify forged 1,000- and 500-baht notes that are circulating in Thailand. He said the fake bills are printed on thinner paper than the real ones, and the surface of the paper is more slippery than that of genuine notes. In…

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  • Phuket NewsTaxmen on target for 2.5 billion baht | Thaiger

    Taxmen on target for 2.5 billion baht

    PHUKET TOWN: Halfway through the revenue year, (October 1, 1998 – Spetember 30, 1999), Phuket’s taxmen have collected almost exactly half their targeted tax. Against a budget of 2,459.496,000 baht for the full year, 1,233.884,000 baht, or 50.17%, had been achieved during the six months to March 30, 1999. All revenues are up apart from the Special Business Tax, which…

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  • Phuket NewsEleven dead of AIDS in past month | Thaiger

    Eleven dead of AIDS in past month

    PHUKET TOWN: The government Health Office recorded 11 AIDS-related deaths in Phuket province during the month to April 20, and 30 new cases of full-blown AIDS. The new cases bring to 945 the number registered by the Phuket Provincial Health Department since it began keeping records of AIDS cases in January 1989. Of the 945 cases, 403 are, or were,…

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  • Phuket NewsBank officer testifies in Tong murder trial | Thaiger

    Bank officer testifies in Tong murder trial

    PHUKET TOWN: The prosecution called a bank officer to the witness stand at the Phuket Provincial Courthouse today, in the resumption of the trial of five people charged in connection with the murder of businessman Danis Wayne Tong. Manit Panme, Prajuab Sukkong, Pairat Raksawong, Pratin Praktong and Belgian entrepreneur Hugo Vandervelde stand accused of taking part in a murder-for-hire scheme…

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  • Phuket NewsGazette Special Edition hits the streets | Thaiger

    Gazette Special Edition hits the streets

    PHUKET TOWN: The fifth anniversary issue of the Phuket Gazette was released today – a special edition that includes a complimentary, full copy of the May 1994 issue, the very first Gazette. Celebrate with us! Get your copy now — it’s full of news and views, including: · Why Phuket continues to suffer from water shortages; · How tourists may…

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  • Phuket NewsLatest monthly road toll: 18 dead, 948 injured | Thaiger

    Latest monthly road toll: 18 dead, 948 injured

    PHUKET: Eighteen people died in traffic accidents in Phuket between February 20 and March 20. Khun Ampaipan Pawawattananusorn, the Professional Nurse at the Phuket Provincial Health Office, reported that according to figures from the three government hospitals — Wachira, Thalang and Patong – 948 people were injured on the island’s roads during the latest reporting period, some of them severely.…

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  • Phuket NewsTourists to get VAT refunds from June 1 | Thaiger

    Tourists to get VAT refunds from June 1

    PHUKET TOWN: From June 1, tourists buying goods in Phuket will be able to get the value added tax (VAT) on those goods refunded when they leave the country. Khun Annop Buakruen, Chief of the Phuket Provincial Revenue Office, explained that tourists will be able to get refunds at four airports in Thailand — Bangkok, Phuket, Haad Yai and Chiang…

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  • Phuket NewsMurder trial testimony again delayed | Thaiger

    Murder trial testimony again delayed

    PHUKET TOWN: Judge Amornpoj Kulwijit today postponed testimony in the murder trial of Nongnut Tungkaburi and Kraisorn Kamnoun. The two stand accused of participation in a murder-for-hire scheme in connection with the brutal stabbing death of 56-year-old British publican Roger Jennings at his home in Patong Hill Estate on December 15, 1997. The judge heard that the lawyer for one…

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  • Phuket NewsWeatherman warns swimmers: Be careful! | Thaiger

    Weatherman warns swimmers: Be careful!

    PHUKET: The island’s top meteorologist has warned that people should be careful when swimming off Phuket’s beaches because of large swells generated by storms out at sea. Khun Amorn Chantanavivate, Director of the Meteorological Department, said a tropical depression over the South China Sea was causing storms in the region. He urged swimmers to check flags on beaches to see…

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  • Phuket NewsPétanque players call it a draw | Thaiger

    Pétanque players call it a draw

    CHERNG TALAY: The winners of prizes in Phuket’s fourth international pétanque competition on Sunday (April 25) had to be decided by a draw after confusion over the points awarded in the final. Philippe Cablat, manager of the Black Cat restaurant where the tournament was held, was a little embarrassed. “I don’t want to tell you the names of the draw…

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  • Phuket NewsMinistry boss gives progress the thumbs-up | Thaiger

    Ministry boss gives progress the thumbs-up

    PHUKET TOWN: A senior government official today gave Phuket his seal of approval for its progress in implementing projects funded by the central government. Khun Anand Tejavanija, Deputy Director-General of the Community Development Department of the Ministry of the Interior explained that he was visiting Phuket to check on progress in using the 2.15 million baht allocated by Bangkok for…

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  • Phuket NewsTeams named for Phuket Rugby Sevens | Thaiger

    Teams named for Phuket Rugby Sevens

    PHUKET: The Thai Rugby Union has named 15 of the 16 teams that will compete in the Phuket Rugby Sevens on July 3 and 4 at Sapanhin Stadium. Negotiations to confirm the last of the 16 sides are continuing. Apart from Thailand, the sides already confirmed are: China, England, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Scotland, Singapore, Sri…

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  • Phuket NewsPublic meeting to discuss local elections | Thaiger

    Public meeting to discuss local elections

    PHUKET TOWN: The Phuket Provincial Election Commission will hold a public meeting next Wednesday (April 28) to discuss local administration elections. Khun Kitipong Thienkunagrit, one of Phuket’s five Provincial Election Commissioners, said that the election commissioners and the legal advisory committee have completed a draft bill to cover the way local elections are to be handled. But since these elections…

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  • Phuket NewsFund to pump millions into democracy education | Thaiger

    Fund to pump millions into democracy education

    PHUKET TOWN: Phuket has received approval from the Miyazawa Fund to spend millions of baht educating people about Thailand’s new constitution. Though the exact amount to be spent on the five-month project is not yet finalised, it will involve hiring four coordinators at 8,000 baht a month each, and 96 educators at 5,000 baht a month each, for a total…

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  • Phuket NewsCommercial fishing limited in Andaman Sea | Thaiger

    Commercial fishing limited in Andaman Sea

    PHUKET: Fisheries Department Director-General Thamrong Prakobboon has announced temporary restrictions on commercial fishing in the Andaman Sea off the coasts of Krabi and Phang Nga provinces between April 15 and June 15. Among the restrictions imposed by the department is a ban on fishing using certain types of nets with holes smaller than 4.7 centimeters. The measures, which cover a…

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  • Phuket NewsWettest March in 30 years | Thaiger

    Wettest March in 30 years

    PHUKET: Rainfall in Phuket in March and the first week of April this year was the heaviest in 30 years, a government meteorological officer told the Gazette today. Khun Amorn Chantanavivate, Director of the Weather Forecasting Sub-Division of the Southwestern Regional Meteorological Center, reports that Phuket had 132.7mm of rain in March and 31.7mm in the first week of April.…

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  • Phuket NewsBig rise in claims by traffic victims | Thaiger

    Big rise in claims by traffic victims

    PHUKET: Claims for compensation from the Government’s Traffic Accident Victims Fund have shot up in 1999. The fund, which is run by the Phuket Insurance Office, paid out 111,097 baht to 12 claimants in the first three months of the year. This compares with 150,085 baht for the whole of 1997 and 122,732 baht in 1998. The fund pays victims…

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  • Phuket NewsSnake strikes foreigner in the Similans | Thaiger

    Snake strikes foreigner in the Similans

    SIMILAN ISLANDS: Australian Anthony Lynam was airlifted from the Similan Islands to Phya Thai hospital earlier this week after being bitten on the foot by a deadly Pope’s pit viper. Lynam, 34, was on a diving trip with Santana Diving Co of Patong when he decided to take a look around the local forest. Because of storms and high seas…

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  • Phuket NewsTeenager dies after saving swimmer | Thaiger

    Teenager dies after saving swimmer

    BANGTAO: The Governor of Phuket Province, Chadej Insawang, is to make a posthumous award for courage to Patchya Dangkrajang, who died in heavy seas on Songkran Day after rescuing a foreigner who got into trouble swimming. The Governor is also expected to award 22,000 baht from public welfare funds to the family of the 16-year-old hero. Patchya, who was helping…

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  • Phuket NewsHoliday saved by honest cab driver | Thaiger

    Holiday saved by honest cab driver

    PHUKET: An American traveller has had his holiday saved by an honest taxi driver, Tourist Police report. They say that American Brian Favorite left his wallet in a Tour Royale taxi on the way from the airport to his hotel in Patong. Taxi driver Worawit Seesakukam, 27, found the wallet, containing US$2,800 and more than 500 baht, in the back…

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  • Phuket NewsBusiness registrations up 30% over last year | Thaiger

    Business registrations up 30% over last year

    PHUKET TOWN: New businesses registered in the first quarter of this year show an increase of 30 percent over the same period in 1998, indicating a surge of confidence in the island’s economy. Khun Virachai Tantiwattanawanlop, Head Administrator of the Phuket Commercial Registration Department, told the Gazette that in the first three months of 1999, 163 new firms registered with…

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  • Phuket News18 Dead, 862 Hurt In Traffic Accidents | Thaiger

    18 Dead, 862 Hurt In Traffic Accidents

    PHUKET TOWN: Eighteen people were killed in traffic accidents between February 20 and March 19, and a further 862 were injured, according to figures from Phuket’s three government hospitals – Wachira, Thalang and Patong. Motorcycle accidents were to blame for the vast majority of deaths and injuries. Of the 18 dead, 16 were on motorcycles, while 787 of those reported…

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  • Phuket NewsPhuket On Guard Against Malaysian Virus | Thaiger

    Phuket On Guard Against Malaysian Virus

    PHUKET: Health officials in Phuket are scrambling to devise a new strategy to ensure the pig-related virus that has killed dozens in Malaysia does not spread to the island. The authorities, along with Malaysian health officials, originally thought the outbreak was Japanese Encephalitis (JE), which is endemic in much of the Far East. But research by the US-based Centers for…

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  • Phuket NewsMore Buoys For Raya Yai As Day Trippers Multiply | Thaiger

    More Buoys For Raya Yai As Day Trippers Multiply

    RAYA YAI: The rising numbers of tourists taking day trips to Raya Yai has prompted the authorities to place more buoys around the island. Tourism Authority of Thailand records show that between 200 and 300 tourists travel to the Raya Yai every day, 95 percent of them on day trips. A survey by the Chulabhorn Research Institute confirmed that the…

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  • Phuket NewsThai Airways To Hike Domestic Fares On April 1 | Thaiger

    Thai Airways To Hike Domestic Fares On April 1

    PHUKET TOWN: The Gazette has learned that Thai Airways is to raise fares on all domestic routes by a whopping 13 percent with effect from April 1. This is despite the fact that the national inflation rate in 1998 was eight percent, and that it is projected to fall to around two percent this year. A source at the airline…

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  • Phuket NewsYacht Burns And Sinks. Four Missing, Feared Dead | Thaiger

    Yacht Burns And Sinks. Four Missing, Feared Dead

    AO CHALONG: Four people are missing and feared dead after a fire erupted aboard a yacht anchored in Phuket’s Chalong Bay in the early hours of March 25. Phuket Marine Police said the fire broke out just before 1 am aboard the 160-foot motor yacht, which they named as the Catarina. Vessels from the Phuket Marine Police, Harbour Region 5…

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  • Phuket NewsJennings Murder Trial Resumes | Thaiger

    Jennings Murder Trial Resumes

    PHUKET TOWN: The court trying two people accused in connection with the murder of Patong-based British publican Roger Jennings reopened on March 24 to hear evidence from two witnesses. Jennings (56), was found stabbed to death at his home in Patong Hill Estate, a residential development between Le Meridien Phuket and Patong, on December 15, 1997. On trial before Phuket…

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  • Phuket NewsHome Buyers Warned To Check Structure Carefully | Thaiger

    Home Buyers Warned To Check Structure Carefully

    PHUKET TOWN: A Public Works officer has warned would-be buyers of townhouses that they must be sure the structure of the building is safe before they buy. Khun Nakonthon Kittisittho, chief of the Phuket Provincial Public Works Office, issued the warning following the collapse of a row of townhouses in Bangkok earlier this month. “My advice to would-be home buyers…

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  • Phuket NewsSchool Gears Up For Green Certificate | Thaiger

    School Gears Up For Green Certificate

    PHUKET TOWN: Stree Phuket School is one of 13 schools in Thailand selected by the Department of Education to apply for international certification that they meet ‘best practices’ for environmental management. To get ISO 14001 certification from the International Standards Organization, the school will have to show that it has an efficient system for managing everything from separation of waste,…

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  • Phuket NewsFloating Medics Go Back To Sea | Thaiger

    Floating Medics Go Back To Sea

    PHUKET TOWN: The floating medics of the south are back at work again after a two-month break for their vessel, the Andaman, to undergo a thorough overhaul following nearly five years at sea. Their first job on the refurbished vessel was to help tourists and athletes involved in the 3rd Thailand International Canoe Races at Krabi earlier this month. Dr…

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  • Phuket NewsSouth Koreans Top 1998 Arrests League Table | Thaiger

    South Koreans Top 1998 Arrests League Table

    PHUKET: South Koreans headed the list of foreigners arrested last year, according to figures provided the Gazette by Phuket Provincial Police Headquarters yesterday. Of the 38 foreigners arrested in 1998, 15 were Koreans, followed by Germans (six), British (four), Filipinos and Burmese (three each) and Frenchmen and Swedes (two apiece). Arrests for working illegally topped the league, with 22 offenders…

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