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    Thailand News Today | Earthquake in Chiang Mai Thailand!

    4.2 magnitude earthquake shakes Chiang Mai Residents of Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand were awoken at 4.26am today by a 4.2 magnitude earthquake. No injuries or deaths have been reported. The tremor lasted about three seconds and no aftershocks have been felt so far. Many felt strong shaking as the epicenter had a shallow depth of only two kilometers…

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    Bangkok Food Vendors Re-located off the streets | GMT

    Lightning strike kills seven cows in Nakhon Ratchasima. Bangkok chief says 300 water pumps need changing to fix floods. City Hall begins ‘street cleaning’. Toll gate collapses in central Thailand. Woman urges people to beware of air-con scam in Thailand. Malaysia detains 3 Thais who tested positive for happy plant. All this and more on today’s Good Morning Thailand.

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    BMA and CCSA will meet Monday, decide on Songkran water splashing in Bangkok

    Thailand’s CCSA and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration will meet on Monday to decide (again) if Bangkokians can splash water during Songkran. This news comes after officials announced last week that Songkran will be dry, for both alcohol and water splashing, for the third year in a row. That week, Thai officials said only traditional Songkran activities would be allowed. This…

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    Thailand News Today | Cluster breaks out west of Bangkok, Phuket resort owner in bad crash | March 15

    On The Thaiger today, another cluster breaks out in the west of Bangkok, more deaths in Myanmar as the Burmese Army turns against its citizens, and the PM apologises for spraying journalists with hand-sanitiser last week. Thailand recorded 170 new infections of Covid yesterday, most of them in Bangkok. It pushes the country’s accumulated total infections to nearly 27,000. The…

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    Thailand News Today | Quarantine times reduced, foreign students CAN attend protests | March11

    Hints of a possible return of the former Immigration Bureau poster boy Surachet Hakparn, a rise in the official speed limit for Thai highways, foreigners told they CAN take part in protests and some rumours about an impending opening of Maya Bay. But first to a survey we posted this morning about what we might be able to do in…

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    Thailand is re-opening. When can I travel there? | VIDEO

    There are many moving parts in the Thailand travel situation right now – new visa options, changes to the quarantine, ASQs, area quarantines, golf quarantines. The road back to a healthy tourist industry in Thailand, even ANY tourism industry, will be a long slog. But Bill Barnett from is optimistic that we’ve turned the corner and Thailand is now…

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    Thailand News Today | Polishing the Area Quarantine, protesters moved to prison | March10

    Ministers are meeting in Phuket today to discuss the details of the new area quarantine, the Thai PM anoints the media scrum by spraying hand sanitiser at them…. or something, and the north and north east of Thailand today are facing very poor air quality, Chiang Mai getting the award for having the worst air quality in the world today…

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    Thailand to reduce quarantine to 7 days, meeting to confirm next Monday | VIDEO

    ASQ, changes for people arriving in Thailand. After 12 months of forcing foreign travellers into a 14 day mandatory stay in a hotel, at their expense, as part of the Alternative State Quarantine program… better know as the ASQ… the Thai government have slightly relented in a revised ASQ. The updated quarantine is a response to immense pressure from the…

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    Thailand News Today | ASQ quarantine update, lights out on Koh Samui | March 9

    In today’s news, the government is looking to cut the quarantine time in half, more news on Thailand’s vaccine roll out, and the Thai Navy accidentally cuts off Koh Samui’s electricity supply. We’ve also got the latest information on the country’s air quality woes later in this edition. Thailand’s Public Health Minister Anutin has announced that everyone who receives both…

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    Thailand News Today | Thai army trim the Generals, sugar making Thais fat | March 8

    71 new Covid cases in Thailand today, the generals are being told they’re going to face pay cuts and a Thai doctors has issued a warning about the link between Thai’s love for sugary sweets and life-threatening diseases… there goes my afternoon donut. And don’t worry, I’m not going to sing my way through the news today, it’s just nice…