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    UK and Thailand unveil 15.3 billion baht science fund

    In a historic move announced in Bangkok, the British Embassy and Thailand Science Research and Innovation (TSRI) have joined forces to roll out the International Science Partnerships Fund (ISPF). This jaw-dropping 337-million-British-pound (15.3 billion baht) venture, set to be fully operational by the year’s end, is poised to revolutionise the realms of science and innovation on a global scale. Prompted…

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    Double vision: Young Thai-British girl fights diabetes and blindness to chase teaching dreams

    A nine year old Thai-British girl battling diabetes and blindness is preparing to undergo eye surgery so she can fulfil her dreams of becoming a teacher in Ban Dung, Udon Thani, Thailand. The girl, Angel, admired for her cheerful nature, is loved by everyone in her village who wishes for a speedy recovery from her debilitating vision-threatening condition called diabetic…