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    Thailand aims to finalise free-trade agreements with EFTA, Sri Lanka and UAE by mid-next year

    Thailand is keen to finalise free-trade agreement (FTA) negotiations with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by mid-next year, with the aim to boost trade and investment. The potential FTA between Thailand and Sri Lanka is particularly appealing due to Sri Lanka’s strategic location in South Asia, with connections to India, Pakistan,…

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    Trunk-ated Stay: Thailand’s push to bring home abused elephant from Sri Lanka continues

    The Thai government continues to explore ways to repatriate Sak Surin, one of three elephants gifted to Sri Lanka by Thailand back in 2001. This follows reports last year by an animal rights organisation that the elephant had been subjected to mistreatment by its handlers. While the government is aware of Sak Surin’s situation, transporting the elephant back to Thailand…