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    YouTuber’s false 73.2 million baht mansion purchase exposed

    A prominent YouTuber has been called out by a Malaysian real estate agent for falsely claiming to have purchased a luxurious mansion valued at approximately 73.2 million baht, a report from Sinchew revealed. The property in question, which the YouTuber, with a subscriber base in the millions, claimed to have bought for 9.7 million ringgit (about 73.2 million baht), was…

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    Nestopa unveils AI-enhanced property portal

    In a move set to reshape Thailand’s property landscape, Nestopa has launched the nation’s inaugural artificial intelligence (AI)-powered property portal. This cutting-edge platform promises to redefine the real estate experience for both local and international stakeholders. Kevin Speakman, Co-Founder and CEO of Nestopa, elucidates the company’s vision. “Nestopa pioneers the fusion of AI technology with real estate browsing and listing,…

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    Working in real estate as an expat in Thailand: What you need to know

    Picture yourself sipping coconut water while exploring the hustle and bustle of a thriving metropolis, or admiring the breathtaking sunset over a pristine beach after a productive day at work. Sounds enticing, right? These dreams can become reality if you decide to embark on a real estate career in Thailand. As the Thai property market continues to grow, opportunities for…