near-death experiences

  • Thailand News

    Thai dentist saves patient’s life discovering lethal blood condition pre-tooth extraction

    A Thai dentist recently shared a patient’s near-fatal experience on Facebook after spotting abnormal blood spots on the patient’s arm before a scheduled tooth extraction. The patient was subsequently diagnosed with thrombocytopenia, a disruption in blood coagulation that can lead to uncontrolled bleeding that could potentially be lethal if not promptly treated. Shared on the Facebook page of Doctor Kluay,…

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    Exploring the mystery of brain activity surges during near-death experiences

    Survivors from near-death incidents often recount vivid experiences, such as seeing light at the end of a tunnel, feeling detached from their bodies, meeting deceased loved ones, or recalling significant life events in mere moments. The similarity of these accounts, which come from individuals with varying cultural backgrounds, suggests a potential biological mechanism which remains unexplained by scientists. In a…