monkeypox in Thailand

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    Three mpox cases found in Thailand

    Three new cases of mpox have been identified in Thailand, bringing the total number of infections to 18 since the virus was declared to be an infectious disease requiring special surveillance in May of last year. “Mpox” has replaced the word “monkeypox” as the World Health Organisation advised changing to quell a rise in related racist and stigmatising language associated…

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    Thailand to import smallpox vaccines from US this month

    Thailand expects 1,000 doses of the smallpox vaccine to arrive in the kingdom from the US by the end of this month. But the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) said that the vaccines would be made available to only the most vulnerable groups of people in Thailand. The Director-General of the Disease Control Department, Opas Karnkawinpong, yesterday said that monkeypox…

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    Was the Nigerian man the real first monkeypox case in Thailand?

    The head of the Centre for Medical Genomics at Ramathibodi Hospital has addressed what many have questioned in the wild case of the Nigerian man who was diagnosed in Phuket with monkeypox and then fled to Cambodia. This first confirmed case of monkeypox in Thailand was likely contracted inside of the country, suggesting earlier, unidentified cases. The Nigerian man arrived…

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    Nigerian monkeypox fugitive arrested in Cambodia

    The first monkeypox case in Thailand has now become the first monkeypox case in Cambodia. A Nigerian man on the run after disappearing on Tuesday when diagnosed with monkeypox in Phuket has been apprehended in Cambodia. The deputy governor of Phnom Penh confirmed that 27 year old Osmond Chihazirim Nzere was arrested yesterday in the Cambodian capital city. The man…

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    Thailand’s first monkeypox case is identified in Phuket tourist

    Thailand has recorded its first case of monkeypox, the 71st country in the world during this recent outbreak, only the fourth since the start of the 21st century. The virus has only been endemic in a few Central African countries up to this stage. The 27 year old man, who had been travelling from Nigeria, was confirmed with monkeypox after…

  • Hua Hin

    Macaques test negative for monkeypox in southern Thailand

    Veterinarians from the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department revealed there have been no traces of monkeypox found during a neutering project of wild macaques in Prachuap Khiri Khan, in southern Thailand. The neutering campaign to control the population of wild macaques began on June 1. The goal of capturing 600 macaques, roaming the hills of Khao Ta Kiap…

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    United States CDC says over 700 cases of monkeypox worldwide

    The United State’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention announced yesterday that it knew of over 700 cases of monkeypox worldwide. The CDC said there were 21 cases in the US. Today the number of cases, worldwide has reached nearly 900. Although 14 of the cases in the US are thought to be travel-linked, CDC officials say that at least…

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    Government official expects Thailand’s first monkeypox case to happen at Pride Parade

    A government official expects Thailand to record its first monkeypox case on Sunday at the nation’s first official Pride Parade in Bangkok. The Bangkok Naruemit Pride Parade, which will traverse the length of Silom Road, starts at Maha Uma Devi Temple on Pan Road, at 4pm. The parade plans to bring together the LGBTQ community, activists and allies, and help further…

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    Thailand News Today | Govt announces 3.2-trillion-baht spending bill

      Opposition Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat has slammed PM Prayut Chan-o-cha’s spending plans ahead of tomorrow’s budget bill as “pointless.” PM Prayut will defend the government’s 3.2-trillion-baht 2023 budget bill in a three-day House debate starting tomorrow, explaining why the sum is so large and his spending plans for the fiscal year. But the Move Forward Party leader…

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    Lifting of the mask mandate in Thailand next month? | GMT

    Face mask-wearing mandate to be lifted ‘only in certain areas’, Disability rights activist jailed for shaming a motorist parked in a disabled bay, Govt ups monkeypox alert level, Cafe serves drinks in “penis” bags in southern Thailand, and Thailand raises monkeypox alert level to “requiring close surveillance”. All this and more on today’s Good Morning Thailand.

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    Thailand’s genomics centre to launch monkeypox tests in next 2 weeks

    The Centre of Medical Genomics from Ramathibodi Hospital is developing a Monkeypox test from the genetic codes obtained from Portugal and Belgium. The test will provide the result within 24 hours, and it is expected to be ready for use in the next 2 weeks. The official Facebook page of the Centre of Medical Genomics announced on May 21 that…