Ultimate parties at The Bay and Beach Club, Patong

Newly built and super stylish, The Bay and Beach Club is the hottest addition to the island’s most favorite resort neighborhood of Patong. Elegant and luxurious with a modern design and spacious rooms, the resort sets the benchmark for beachfront accommodation in Phuket. 

With a convenient location right on the sands of Patong Beach, a holiday spent at The Bay and Beach Club is sure to be memorable. There is no doubt that the location is convenient, but the resort itself really stands out. The rooms at The Bay and Beach Club are equipped with contemporary art, fully functional kitchenette, open plan living spaces and some rooms even offer a soothing Jacuzzi on the balcony. There is a delicious on-site Italian restaurant with an exceptional sea view, and a wealth of amenities and conveniences to enhance your holiday. 

The Bay and Beach Club is also home to Phuket’s hottest beach club, KUDO Beach Club. KUDO Beach Club endeavors to create a lifestyle experience for those looking for the ultimate daytime destination to relax as well as a vivacious spot to let loose in the evenings. 

KUDO is suited to all types of travellers and has a little something for each individual taste. Whether you enjoy cocktails by the pool, catching a few rays while enjoying a private cabana or indulging in a delicious, authentic Italian meal in the sea view restaurant, KUDO Beach Club covers all the bases to make any holiday truly exceptional. 

A stay at The Bay and Beach Club paired with a few enjoyable days hanging out at KUDO Beach Club is truly what a holiday in paradise is all about. The ultimate parties are on offer at KUDO, and it would be a shame to not take advantage of them during your stay at The Bay and Beach Club. 

Every Friday afternoon, KUDO teams up with Kaanda Beach Life, a tropical lifestyle beach and swimwear brand, for the most popular Pool Party in all of Patong Beach. The part starts at 2:00pm and finishes up at 9:00pm in the evening. It’s a fun atmosphere, featuring bikini models, drink specials and live music and entertainment, plus a wonderful way to relax and unwind. 

On Sundays, KUDO Beach Club hosts the Caribbean Carnival, which is a colorful beach and pool party right in the heart of Patong. The festive atmosphere is contagious, and there is a lot of fun to be had. Caribbean Carnival starts at 2:00pm, and reminiscent of the Pool Party, winds down at 9:00pm in the evening. 

Both parties at KUDO Beach Club are regarded as the ultimate parties in the Patong Beach neighborhood. The location is prime, the music is pumping and the atmosphere is electric. Come experience the best that Patong has to offer at KUDO, and when the parties finish up, make a move to Patong’s famous nightlife district of Bangla Road. 

For those staying at The Bay and Beach Club, KUDO Beach Club is easily accessible from your accommodation. To learn more about the luxurious rooms at The Bay and Beach Club, or the activities happening at KUDO Beach Club, get in touch with us. 

Visit www.thebayandbeachclub.com for all the latest information.

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