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Weird World News: Weather warnings of Europeans acting strange due to cold

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Weird World News: Weather warnings of Europeans acting strange due to cold | The Thaiger

PHUKET: While bitter weather blots Europe, the heat wave continues to stifle here in Phuket. This week’s Weird World News round-up is homage to those suffering the onslaught of the cold-snap in Europe, and ways weather can make people muddle words.

Swede survives two months in a snowed-in car

A SWEDISH man was found alive after being trapped in his snowed-in car for two months in a remote area of the country.

The 45-year-old was found emaciated and very weak last Friday, Reuters reported.

The man, from the warmer climes of the southern parts of the country, was discovered by snowmobilers not far from the northern city of Umea.

Thinking they had found an old car wreck, the snowmobilers were amazed to see movement inside the car.

The trapped man was wrapped up in a sleeping bag and had not eaten food for two months. He survived by eating snow.

The man is recovering at Umea University Hospital. Doctors said humans can normally survive four weeks without food, but because of the man’s decreased body temperature he probably went into a state of “human hibernation”.

“A bit like a bear that hibernates”, one physician said.

It is still unknown why the southern Swede ended up trapped on a remote road in the north of the country.

Homeless told to ‘stay indoors’ in France

A FRENCH health minister made a bungle this week by advising homeless people to “stay indoors” to avoid the ice-cold weather holding much of Europe at mercy.

Junior minister Nora Berra wrote on her blog that toddlers, old people, the sick and homeless should all “avoid going outside”, as they were particularly vulnerable to the cold snap.

Her words caused quite a stir in the French media, and Twitter was alive with the mocking sound of thousands of Tweets within hours of her post.

Reuters reported that hundreds of people, many of them homeless, have died in recent weeks across Europe as temperatures dropped to –20?C. Many French cities are putting on extra night shelters for homeless people.

Berra updated her blog shortly after her bungle, Tweeting: “There are some subjects that lend themselves badly to irony.”

Weatherman’s sorry slip of the tongue

A BBC weatherman on live TV this week let slip the C-word in his report.

Alex Deakin, 37, said calmly that there would be “bucketloads of c###” instead of “sunshine” during his weather round-up.

He was supposed to say “sunshine over central and eastern areas”, the Telegraph reported, but that’s not what came out of his mouth.

Here’s what he said: “By and large it’s simply and lovely winter’s day tomorrow, bucketloads of c###, errr, sunshine across central and eastern areas”.

Click here to see the video

Deakin later Tweeted: “The less said the better about that broadcast.”

Remember to tune in next week for more of the Phuket Gazette‘s Weird World News round-up.

— Fraser Morton

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NO Plastic Bag! @ Central Phuket

The Thaiger



NO Plastic Bag! @ Central Phuket | The Thaiger

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China has the most atheists. Indonesia and Philippines the most believers.

The Thaiger



China has the most atheists. Indonesia and Philippines the most believers. | The Thaiger

China is the least believing country in the world but belief in a God gets 100 per cent mention in countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh and Philippines, according to the survey by Gallup International.

According to the survey exploring religious tendencies of 66,000 people in 68 countries across the world, 62 per cent of people in the world define themselves as religious, 74% of people globally believe we have a ‘soul’ and 71% believe in a God. Another 56% believe in heaven, 54% in life after death and 49% in hell.

China has the highest percentage of atheists in the world with 67% not believing in any religion. Every seven out ten people are atheists, more than double than any other country. 23% consider themselves as non-religious. Less than 10% identify themselves as religious in China.

China’s atheist percentage is followed by Japan, a long way behind in second place at 29%, Slovenia (28%) and Chech Republic (25%). Despite rapid industrialisation and urbanisation religion has stayed relevant in the South Korean region with only 23% identifying as atheist.

China has the most atheists. Indonesia and Philippines the most believers. | News by The Thaiger

European countries like Belgium (21 %), France (21%) , Sweden (18%) and Iceland (17%) also have a large percentage of believing population.

Bangladesh, Indonesia and Philippines are the most believing countries with entire population claiming to believe in God, soul, hell and heaven. Thailand and Pakistan have 99% believing population, followed by India, Vietnam and Mongolia.

The survey shows that the levels of religiosity diminish as income and education levels increase. While 66% of people with low income affirm to be religious, this percentage drops to 50% among people with higher incomes. The same trend is verified in relation to education levels: 83% of people with lower education level are religious against 49% of higher level.

According to the survey there is a connection between religiosity, beliefs and socio-demographic characteristics like age, income and education level. As education and income levels grow higher, religiosity levels tend to go down. Also, the expression of different beliefs is higher among young people.

The level of education has a considerable influence on the perception of religion by the society. Women and young children show higher percentage for spiritual forces.

China has the most atheists. Indonesia and Philippines the most believers. | News by The Thaiger

SOURCE: Data Leads

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Stunning Malaysian election result ousts Barisan Nasional

The Thaiger



Stunning Malaysian election result ousts Barisan Nasional | The Thaiger


Malaysia’s Pakatan Harapan (PH) opposition coalition has crossed the minimum threshold of 112 seats needed to form government in Malaysia. The Election Commission continue to count a few remaining votes this morning but have confirmed the win of the Pakatan Harapan party and coalition members.

The result brings to an end the rule of Barisan Nasional (BN) and it’s leader Najib Razak. Barisan Nasional, a nationalist right-wing government with strong links to it’s ethnic Malay constituency, has dominated Malaysian politics for decades.

In a press conference just before the official confirmation, opposition leader and former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad, now 92 years old, said his party had achieved a victory.

He said he hoped a swearing-in ceremony would be held on Thursday. Mr Mahathir will become the oldest elected leader in the world.

The final official results indicate PH had won 115 seats, with BN on 79 (these numbers will alter slightly as the counting finishes today).

The 92 year old pledged a government that would include a “young person”, referring to criticism during the campaign that he was too old to lead Malaysia again. Mahathir said he would honour his agreement to help secure a royal pardon for jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. The two became the odd couple of Asian politics after decades working together, then becoming bitter enemies. Anwar was Mahathir’s deputy PM at one stage but then fell out of favour.

But the two formed a curious coalition to bring down PM Najib Razak who they claimed was corrupt and had stained the country with the 1MDB financial scandal.

Mahathir said Anwar would have to win a by-election or be elected senator in order for him to take over as prime minister from Dr Mahathir, as per their agreement.

An upset was on the cards when unofficial results started trickling in about four hours after the ballot boxes were closed at 5.30 last night.

• 9pm – Bernama reported that caretaker Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai, the president of BN component party Malaysian Chinese Association, had lost his Bentong seat.
• Caretaker Health Minister S Subramaniam, of BN coalition party Malaysian Indian Congress, was the next major casualty, losing his Segamat seat in Johor.
• 9.30pm, there was respite for BN when word came in that incumbent PM Najib Razak had successfully defended his Pekan seat in Pahang.

By 9.45pm last night, another four deputy ministers fell. At about the same time, it emerged that Mahathir would make a return to parliament after winning his Langkawi seat.

The result throws into doubt Najib Razak’s position in his party.
While he had been praised for his fiscal policies, he was also unpopular for rolling out a goods and services tax in addition to being a target of unwanted international attention over allegations funds were misappropriated from a state fund he advised, 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB). He has denied consistently any wrongdoing.

Mahathir had accused his former protege Najib of corruption and abuse of power before quitting UMNO to form his own party, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia.

But Mahathir has vowed: “We are not seeking revenge. We want to restore the rule of law.”

Stunning Malaysian election result ousts Barisan Nasional | News by The Thaiger

92 year old PM-elect Mahathir Mohamad, with a shirt emblazoned with his name, in case he forgot it whilst campaigning for the historic election.

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