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American leaves hospital after being denied Covid treatment in same room as Thai wife

Photo via The Pattaya News

An American man, who tested positive for Covid-19, is back in the hospital after fleeing when he was denied a shared room with this Thai wife-who was also undergoing Covid treatment. The 51 year old man left the northeastern Amnat Charoen province Chanuman hospital on May 9th after doctors declined to move his bed to that of his wife’s room. The man angrily went home without permission.

He was spotted walking on the road by local residents before being found by police at his home. The medical team convinced him to return to the hospital. But the incident has invoked stress among locals as they fear he could have spread the virus when he left the hospital. Thai social media was flooded with angry posts about the incident, with some calling for his arrest or deportation. In response, the Chanuman district chief has announced they will tighten security at the hospital to prevent any future incidents that are similar in nature.

The man’s name was not given, due to his Covid-19 status, and it has not been announced whether he will face any consequences after his actions.

Meanwhile, Thailand is reporting 1,630 new Covid-19 cases and 22 coronavirus-related deaths over the past 24 hours. There are now 29,376 active Covid-19 cases. Since the start of the pandemic last year, the CCSA has reported 85,005 Covid-19 cases and 421 Covid-related deaths.

Out of the 22 deaths, most of the patients had chronic illnesses. Many contracted the virus from family members or close friends.

Most of the new cases were detected in Bangkok, particularly in districts with crowded communities and markets. While cases in Bangkok continue to be high, CCSA spokesperson Natapanu Nopakun says the number of new cases in most other provinces in Thailand is decreasing.

Health officials are rolling out proactive case finding campaigns in several high-risk communities, testing 9,000 to 10,000 per day, Nopakun says, adding that officials are working to provide the appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.

Those who test positive for Covid-19 and are asymptomatic must stay at an official field hospital for 14 days and then self-isolate at home for another 14 days.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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Ann Carter

Ann Carter is an award-winning journalist from the United States with over 12 years experience in print and broadcast news. Her work has been featured in America, China and Thailand as she has worked internationally at major news stations as a writer and producer. Carter graduated from the Walter Williams Missouri School of Journalism in the USA.


  1. Farang getting different treatment from Thais, what a surprise!! Locals calling for deportation while quiet on the gambling and whoring of Military and Bangkokian HiSo in the brothels of Thonglor and Myanmar and infecting thousands in Klong Toei? Any deportations of the rich who imported thousands of Covid illegals to beat Thai out of work in the seafood industry?Anecdotally, Farang are turned away from Bangkok hospitals with misdiagnosis…calling Covid ‘ bronchitis’ instead so as to not to accept for treatment sending Farang back into the community. I came here for the entertainment and am never disappointed by the third world circus.

    Insanely funny is the newest Phuket Twist that will receive vaccinated international tourists but not vaccinate three million foreigners in Thailand. And, after a Phuket holiday, the tourists are allowed into the country to intermingle with the millions who are not vaccinated both Thai and Farang. I’ve laughed my tears dry today. Only in Thailand where a smile doesn’t always mean “ welcome”.

  2. If they test 10’000 ppl / day as mentioned and then return some 2000 cases positive this would mean some 20% positive test ratio… which is similar to Indias number 1mio+ test = 300k positive tests…

  3. @Slugger. Nothing racist whatsoever in the comments made by @ J West. Just because people highlight facts which are less than complementary, or show the situation negatively for what it is, that’s not racism. That’s telling the truth. Where in what was posted by @J West is it racist?

  4. Seems to me the Thais were dismayed that the ferang sharing a room with his wife might have had a justification not to be charged B8000 a day.
    Thais cannot have that!

  5. A lot missing here. WHY were they separated? Did they have private or shared rooms? Different symptoms or levels of illness? He walked away so he wasn’t so sick. What about the wife? Was he scared because he couldn’t communicate w/staff w/o his wife’s help? Amnat Charoen is way off the beaten path. Hiding out? I want to know more!

  6. Whatever the reason he will get a very poor reception from neighbours / villagers when he eventually goes home, probably to the point when they will effectively forced to move for their own safety.

  7. Absolutely stupid on the part of the farang – as well as many commenting here.

    The only hospital in Chanuman, Amnat Charoen, is a government hospital.

    No “family” or “married couple” rooms for anyone, farang or Thai.

    Just wards, single “VIP” rooms on request if suitable for quarantine (750 baht extra per day) and quarantine rooms – again, for anyone, farang or Thai.

    If he wanted special treatment and a “double room” he should have gone to the international hospital in Mukdahan, 60 kms away, and paid for it.

    @Foxy Fox – the hospital can’t “let him stay with his wife” because they don’t have double rooms for married couples or anyone else if both are admitted. It’s a small, local government hospital.

    If only one person’s admitted and you have a VIP room (750 baht a day) then another one can stay with them on the day-bed, but there are no “double rooms” for two people if they’re both admitted.

    @Paulnou – how can it be “racist”? He was treated exactly the same as a Thai would have been.

    @J West – what “Farang getting different treatment from Thais”? He wanted “different treatment” but didn’t get it!

    @toby andrews – it’s FREE, unless one of them had a VIP room at 750 baht a day – no “8,000 baht a day”.

    Absolutely stupid by the farang, as well as a number commenting here, who feel entitled to demand special treatment and see nothing “racist” in that but they’re not willing to pay for it – as Thais would have to.

  8. @Simon Small – You miss the point Small Simon. A government hospital might be free, and the Thais do not want ferangs in them.
    They want the ferangs paying B8000 a day in a private hospital. They do not want them in government hospitals.
    You contradict yourself, by stating a government hospital is free, but a VIP room is B750 a day.

  9. The yellow stupid farangs always has sense of entitlement because of their greed scamming other countries, creating wars everywhere to scam, he had covid, why can’t he just stay at the hospital and finish his treatment, most are criminals hiding in Thailand, is his wife running away? Maybe he married someone as young as his daughter, that’s why his scared, if I had covid , why would I wanna spread it to my kids or family ? Selfish yellow farangs, hillybillys.

  10. What’s funny to me is that most other stupid farangs are always out to abuse others that don’t look like them , eg , Chinese, Indians , Africans when they do wrong but when it’s their turn they blame Thais and Thailand, only evil people behave this way , u see yellow men dealing drugs, paedos boiler room scammers , they blame mental health of security operatives.

    I’ve been reading comments for a very very long time but I realised this Europeans and Americans are pure evil. Atleast most of them are , not all

  11. @Prince Andrews – You realize it’s sick people who seek treatment in hospitals? Why should we want well off people using basic government facilities? Those facilities are there to provide a basic service. If you don’t like them, go ahead, but the Thai population isn’t going to pay for your luxury hospital stay.

    Of course if you refuse both, the government reserves the right to lock you up in an appropriate facility should you pose a risk to public health, safety or order. The whole world has seen America’s kids in cages, so don’t expect any luxury there. But remember, the government has to weigh your freedom against the risk of exposing others to your person(ality).

  12. @Simon Small – is your surname ‘small’ in reference to your brain, the little thing down below or both? Isaan John with his smug self righteous hysterical posts again.

  13. Can you imagine if we would have spread Covid to his wife or his wife spread it to him? So happy to see the Thai government has a grip on this disease. Perhaps the rest of the world needs to follow their example. The Gall of that man wanting to be in the same room of his wife.

  14. Most of the infections coming into Thailand are carried in by cheap migrant laborers , who do jobs Thais are unwilling to do. HARD labor, mostly. Other spreaders of the Chinese virus are local wet markets, large social events, parties, and family gatherings, which are all internal screw ups, which have nothing to do with visitors or tourist, most of whom have been tested and/or vaccinated. Quarantine for visitors who show proof of negative test results (within 72 hours) or/and proper vaccine certificates, should be cancelled. A significant boost to local economy.

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