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What is International Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal accident insurance for international coverages provides global coverage in the unfortunate event of injury, disability, or even death by accidental circumstances.

If you are a person who travels overseas regularly, or you’re planning to live abroad, international personal accident insurance will give you a comprehensive cover against any unwanted accidents. You may have health and travel insurance in place, but keep in mind that these plans may not provide comprehensive coverage for accidents. Also, most health insurance will not protect you when you’re abroad, while most travel insurance only covers you for brief visits.

Accidents can happen anywhere when you least expect them. That’s why international personal accident insurance is essential.

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Why Should You Get International Personal Accident Insurance?

Life, especially for expats living abroad, is full of uncertainties. While living in a new country is an exciting experience, unpleasant surprises can happen now and then. Therefore, having insured for an accident no matter where you are in the world is the best choice you can make.

International Coverage

An international policy will give you comprehensive coverage for accidents when you’re overseas. Should any unexpected accidents happen, you can rest assured to be provided with the best treatment available.


International personal accident insurance is designed to meet the needs of expats, so you can choose to include the coverage you want and exclude the ones you don’t need.

Major Expenses

International personal accident insurance covers medical bills and medical treatment. It also covers other expenses such as repatriation charges, ambulance charges, and funeral expenses.


If the worst happens to you due to an accident, the insurance disburses compensation to your family. If you have young children, the insurer may take care of their education.

What Does International Personal Accident Insurance Cover?

The international accident insurance package is straightforward and is customisable to your preferences. You can change your policies and get more optional for your coverages:

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (Core Benefit)

Provides compensation because of an injury or dismemberment of the limb caused by accident. This can cover up to 10 times your annual income as estimated for that coverage.

Permanent Total Disability

Provides compensation due to an accident that fully prohibits you from attending any business, occupation, or study. The coverage is calculated up to 10 times your annual income.

Temporary Total Disability

Provides compensation due to an accident that temporarily prevents you from contributing to your company or profession. There is a waiting period, also known as an exclusion period, of 14 days.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses, including medical, surgical, consultant fees, hospital, nursing home, and nursing attendance fees, are covered. It also covers other medical expenses, such as physiotherapy, massage and manipulative treatments, as well as any appropriate surgical and medical care due to an unintentional.

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Types of International Personal Accident Insurance

A wide range of international personal accident insurance is available, but to simplify it for you, we categorise them into three main types. Each type is intended for different people with different requirements. Therefore, make sure you read the details carefully and choose the one that fits your needs. Note that all of these international personal accident insurance comes with different levels of coverage.

Individual International Personal Accident Insurance is meant for individuals living or travelling overseas. If you are self-employed or your company doesn’t provide personal accident insurance, this is ideal for you. Students or retirees living abroad can also get this type of international personal accident insurance. Whatever your reason for living or travelling abroad is, this insurance is a perfect choice.

Individual international personal accident insurance offers more coverage compared to the group type. It covers not only death due to accident but also short-term and long-term disability due to accidents.

Key Points:

  • Comprehensive and flexible coverage, including death, permanent disability, and medical expenses due to accidents.
  • Financial support for your family or beneficiary.
  • May come with education benefit for your children.

Are you relocating or travelling abroad with your family? Then you should provide them with the right protection. Family international personal accident insurance doesn’t only cover you, but also each member of your family you want to cover. You can choose to cover just you and your partner, just you, your partner, and or any other family numbers.

Key Points:

  • A wide range of coverage, from temporary injury to accidental death.
  • Cover your partner and/or children in one insurance policy.
  • You can cover children between 6 months to 23 years old, as long as they’re not married and are dependant on you.
  • You and your partner must be aged 18 to 84 years old and live at the same address.

Group International Personal Accident Insurance is intended for a group of people by an institution or organisation. If your company does business abroad and your employee travel overseas for their job a lot, this type of personal accident insurance is for you.

International group personal accident insurance provides comprehensive financial protection against expenses incurred due to disablement or death due to accidents while your employee is working or travelling overseas. It can be handy for you, as an employer, to safeguard your employees against certain risks.

Key Points:

  • Comprehensive coverage for all expenses associated with accidents, including death, permanent and temporary disability.
  • Hassle-free documentation.
  • Option for off-duty and on-duty cover.

For those who want to feel safe and comfortable everywhere they go, international personal accident insurance is the solution.

International personal accident insurance is wonderful! As an expat, I needed the assurance that I always have access to the best care available if anything happens to me. Fortunately, I haven’t had the need to use the insurance so far, but knowing that I’m protected help me live my life to the fullest here. Thanks to the Thaiger for helping me get the right international personal accident insurance that fits my needs and budget.

Top tip: Getting international personal accident insurance is the best thing you can have when living abroad, make sure to purchase it before you make the move.

Why is International Personal Accident Important?

International personal accident insurance covers injuries that result in death, dismemberment, permanent disability, and other life-changing accidents. Benefits from the insurance vary and are paid based on the seriousness of the incident, aiding with the financial relief of severe diseases, disabilities, or death. Insurance plans are intended to fill in the holes in coverage by offering high coverage limits or coverage for particular risks that aren’t covered by most disability policies.

Suppose you, unfortunately, got injured or killed in car collisions, explosions, extreme sports, aircraft crashes, and a number of other events. In that case, international personal accident insurance can provide coverage for you. International personal accident insurance provides financial security and support to you and your family in the event of such tragic events.

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Things to Consider Before Buying An International Personal Accident Insurance

Buying international personal accident insurance is the best protection you can get against unforeseen events. Hence, you need to make a smart and informed decision about the policy you’re going to purchase. Below are factors you need to consider while choosing your personal accident policy.

Personal Lifestyle

Your lifestyle affects your risk of getting injured. For example, do you like doing extreme sports? If yes, then you probably take part in some form of physical activity, which may cause injury. If you lead a physically intense lifestyle, you might want to consider more coverage. Also, if you are purchasing a family plan, make sure that the policy covers your family against accidents that may occur in their daily lives.

How You Get Around

Ensure that the plan you choose covers the mode of transport you use for your daily travel while you’re living abroad. Riding a motorcycle is a lot riskier than driving a car or public transport, and some insurance policy may not cover motorbikes. There are specific plans covering riders and passengers, or you can take a comprehensive coverage that protects you no matter what mode of transport you use.

Your Occupation

The level of risk you’re facing can be different depending on the nature of your work and location. Even if you work in an office, accidents can still happen. However, the risks may not be as high as those who do manual skill works or those who are engaged with heavy machines. When choosing a plan, make sure that the risks you may face while working are covered. If the plan excludes accidents that are likely to occur due to your occupation, then you should not opt for it.

Compensation to Your Family

It is best that you get a plan with benefits to your family member if an accident happens to you and leads to permanent disability or death. The higher the compensation to your family, the better off they will be.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Group personal accident insurance is a form of insurance for a group of people as part of a corporate plan. It covers medical costs due to accidental injuries to employees.

Workplace injuries can disrupt your business, leading to costly compensation. That’s why protecting your employee from accidental death or injury is important. With Group Personal Accident Insurance, you can provide the needed protection for both you, as the employer, and your employees. Should anything happen to them, you don’t have to worry about their compensation, and they don’t have to worry about their medical bills. Group personal accident insurance will take care of it.

Frequently Asked Questions about International Personal Accident Insurance

This is a form of package that you buy to cover yourself for any financial risks and losses that can arise while travelling. These losses may be small, such as a lost suitcase, or severe, such as last-minute trip cancellation or an overseas medical emergency.

Helps you pay for medical and other out-of-pocket expenses that might occur as a result of an accident. This covers things like emergency care, hospital stays, and medical tests, as well as other costs like transportation and accommodation.

Payments will be provided to you directly, rather than to physicians, clinics, or other health-care facilities. The check is even made payable to you, which makes it even easier. There’s no need to juggle it with any other coverage you may have. Benefits are paid regardless of all other insurance policies you have.

Yeah, you can. Since this coverage is flexible, you can take it with you everywhere you go. Only if you avoid paying your premiums or if your company provides you equivalent benefits to a different insurance carrier would your coverage end.

The insurance does not cover a natural disaster or tragedy before or after your travel abroad.

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