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Why choose the Thaiger?

We believe that employees are the strong foundation of a successful company. We at the Thaiger will help you take good care of them by helping you select the perfect group personal accident for them.

What is Group Personal Accident Insurance?

As the name suggests, Group Personal Accident Insurance is a type of insurance covering a group of people by an insurance institution.

If your workers are injured while working for you, the last thing they need to think about is losing their jobs or how to pay for their medical bills. Personal accident insurance can assist your workers with injury-related costs.

Group personal accident insurance can cover medical costs and hospitalisation resulting from an accident involving your employees, as well as medical transport to a more appropriate facility if sufficient medical help is not immediately available. In some cases, if an employee is injured while working abroad, travel costs for repatriation to the employee’s home country will be reimbursed as well.

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Benefits of Group Accident Insurance

Employees are the most important asset of your company. Therefore, protecting them is essential. Group Personal Accident Insurance provides protection against several types of unfortunate events that can happen to your employees. Below are some of the benefits that makes group personal accident insurance worth it for every company.

Accidental Death

In the event of accidental death and dismemberment, your employees’ beneficiaries will be compensated by your insurers.

Permanent Total Disability

If one of your employees is permanently disabled as a result of an accident or injury, compensation and/or a lump sum payment will be provided.

Medical Expenses

If an accident results in an injury that requires hospitalisation, group personal accident insurance may help your employee pay for the medical expenses.

Direct billing

An invoice is usually sent to your company if you opt for direct billing, so your employees don’t have to deal with it and focus on recovery instead.

What Factors Go Into Setting Group Personal Accident Insurance Premiums?

Premiums for group personal accident insurance are determined by the following factors:

Group of People

Group insurance is less costly than individual insurance since the bigger the group, the lower the premiums.


There are four levels of occupation, including:

tier 1 – professions that mainly include office work
tire 2 – jobs that require regular outdoor work
tire 3 – industrial workers involving heavy equipment
tire 4 – specialised professions such as acrobats

Tier 1 has the lowest risk, so the insurance premium is lower than for other tiers. Tier 4 has the highest risk, so the premium is higher than the rest of the tiers.


People over the age of 60 to 65 would pay a higher premium than those under the age of 60 to 65.

Selected Coverage

Most insurers will allow you to select your own coverage, such as coverage for death, loss of organs, and disability. The premium will vary depending on the coverage you wish to include in your policy.

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User-friendly, easy to understand, all the information and products are there. It’s making me understand group personal accident a bit more than what I already know. Thank you The Thaiger 4 1/2 Stars.

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The team was great to work with, they explained to me why group personal accident was important to me and my staff.

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All the information is there, now is a matter of what policy to choose, from what i understand there are a few plans I can choose from with different levels coverages to suit my company.

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Group Personal accident insurance plan matches my desire and makes my employees even happier.

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Obtaining group accident insurance was quick, easy and not complicated, although it is just any inquiry I hope they receive my application request.

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Types of Group Personal Accident Insurance

Group personal accident insurance is divided into three main types, based on your organisation’s size. All type of group personal accident insurance offers the same basic coverages, such as total disability, partial disability, accidental death, and ambulance charges. However, the extent of coverage and the premiums varies.

This type of group personal accident insurance is intended for small companies with 2 to 49 employees. It is the perfect choice for small companies as it offers high protection and extensive coverage, including dismemberment, disability from accident, and death, at a reasonable premium.

Key Points:

  • Reasonable premiums, perfect for small businesses.
  • Stay worry-free with 24 hours coverage.
  • Good for newly built companies.
  • Simple and convenient, with extensive coverage.

If you have around 50 to 250 employees, this group personal accident insurance type is for you. It’s easy and simple, as no medical checkup is needed.

Like other types of group personal accident insurance, it also offers comprehensive coverage, including dismemberment, disability, and death. It’s flexible as well, so you can choose the benefits to fit your needs.

Key Points:

  • Easy and simple, no medical checkup needed.
  • Reasonable premium starting with only 0.xx baht per day
  • Convenient cashless service.
  • High protection, allowing you to stay worry-free 24/7.

This type of personal accident insurance is for businesses with at least over 250 employees. It offers extensive coverage with worldwide protection, during both working hours and off-hours. Everything from medical expenses to loss of life due to accidents is covered with this type of personal accident insurance.

Key Points:

  • Worldwide protection during both working hours and off-hours.
  • Convenient with cashless service.
  • Comprehensive coverage and high protection.

Give your employees benefits by providing them with group personal accident insurance.

There’s nothing better than knowing that my employees are protected from any unwanted accidents. My employees are important to me, so I make sure that they’re safety is my number 1 priority. Getting group personal accident insurance was hard at first, but the Thaiger guided me throughout the entire process. Whitch made everything super easy!

Top tip: Know what coverage your employees need based on their specific job.

What You Need to Know About Group Personal Accident Insurance

There are numerous things that group personal accident insurance offers. Below are some of the things you need to know.

Group personal accident insurance offers comprehensive insurance coverage and liability insurance provisions against accidental death or injury among your employees or members of your organisation, school, retailer or business community around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A global 24-hour plan that compensates for accidents, disabilities, robberies, murder and death caused by unintended means and accidents.

Group personal accident insurance has a wide range of coverages including, Medical costs incurred due to an injury, dismemberment, blindness or total permanent disability, funeral costs and high coverage for fractures which includes traditional treatments.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Group Personal Accident Insurance with The Thaiger

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Key Highlights of Group Personal Accident Insurance

Here are more details of the key highlights of group personal accident insurance.

Permanent Partial Disability

If an employee becomes partially disabled, group personal accident insurance will cover the principal sum based on the level of disability.

Permanent Total Disability

If an accident causes your employee to become totally disabled, continuously for a period of 12 months, the insurance will provide a sum assured as compensation to the employee.

Accidental Death

In case an employee gets into an accident that results in their death, their beneficiaries are paid the principal sum as the accidental death benefit.

Ambulance Charges

Ambulance charges due to an accident will be reimbursed by the policy.

Broken Bones

Should an accident leave your employee with broken bones, a lump sum amount will be compensated for them.

Medical Reimbursement

The cost of hospitalisation, as well as treatment of injury, will be reimbursed.

Changes in Lifestyle

An accident can cause permanent total disability, which often demands a lifestyle change. In this case, group personal accident insurance provides your employee with financial assistance. For instance, the insurer will help with the cost of modifying an existing vehicle.

Insurance for Disabled People

Disability insurance is a form of insurance product that offers income if, due to a major disability, you are hindered from working and receiving an income. The program offers wage substitution incentives that cover up to 60% of your wages, on average. It is planned to cover a part of a working person’s salary if they are unable to work due to a disability. It does not, however, cover medical treatment or long-term care.

Frequently Asked Questions about Group Personal Accident Insurance

You must have at least 5 members to be able to apply for the group insurance.

A Group Personal Injury policy is a form of insurance coverage that is normally provided to a group of people as part of a corporate scheme. The program is often intended to offer coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and globally, and is commonly used to cover medical costs incurred as a result of injuries.

The applicants must report their actual health records to the Company even when a health checkup is required to the Company’s regulations or not.

This depends on the type of Personal Injury insurance you buy, but most of our policies provide compensation for medical costs since this is one of the most valuable aspects of this type of insurance.

The following benefits are usually protected by GPA policies:

-Benefits in Kind: Accidental Death / Accidental Dismemberment is a term used to describe when someone dies or is dismembered by an accident. Permanent Complete Disability (PTD) and -Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) are two types of permanent disabilities.

-Regular Advantages: Weekly Indemnity / Unintentional Medical Costs (Fixed or Variable) (Temporary Total Disability)

-Optional Extras: Home & School Allowance / Repatriation of Remains / Educational Allowance

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