Thai Mother’s Day long holiday weekend brings TikTok FoodFest to Pattaya

PHOTO: Thai Mother's Day celebrates the Queen Mother's 91st birthday with another long weekend holiday. (via At Bangkok)

If it feels like Thai banks and government services are closing all the time, the upcoming long holiday weekend will feel like deja vu following almost directly on the heels of the just-concluded super-long holiday weekend.

Thai Mother’s Day, coinciding with the 91st birthday of the Queen Mother, will be highly celebrated on August 12, saturating the city in hues of blue. Given that this special occasion has fallen on a weekend this year, the substitute holiday will be observed on the following Monday, August 14.

As a result, most government establishments and an array of banks, including Thai Immigration, will be closed for the three-day holiday. To avoid any inconvenience, people are advised to plan.

In contrast to the prior six-day holiday that included two religious Buddha Days which imposed an alcohol sales ban, there won’t be any such restrictions in place for this Thai festive occasion. On Mother’s Day, it’s perfectly legal to toss back a drink with dear old mum.

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Beyond the holiday excitement, a uniquely intriguing event is set to occur. The TikTok FoodFest at Central Mall in Pattaya offers an excellent opportunity to rub shoulders with your favourite social media influencers and partake in exciting games and contests. You might even find opportunities to create content that could rack up your followers, launching you into the influencer sphere.

If you harbour aspirations of strutting down a runway, the forthcoming FashionTV Model Awards on Pattaya Beach is an event over the Thai holiday weekend worth registering for. If you believe you exhibit the charm of a handsome gentleman or the grace of a sophisticated lady, this could be your golden opportunity to compete.

On a more serious subject, Thai politics seems set to take a momentary break this week as the Thai Charter Court ponders over a constitutional conundrum. The question at hand revolves around whether it’s constitutional for Parliament to decline a re-nomination of Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat for the prime minister position after an initial unsuccessful vote.

The official decision concerning the new Thai Prime Minister and the subsequent voting will be postponed until August 16. Until then, Thai government officials – like most people throughout the country – will be celebrating the long Mother’s Day holiday weekend.

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