Month: February 2000

  • Phuket NewsDeath sparks “dangerous road’ warning | Thaiger

    Death sparks “dangerous road’ warning

    KATA: Police have warned about the dangers of the road outside the Marine Cottage resort after a 22-year-old motorcyclist, Supit Kaminkaew, died there on Sunday afternoon, after she was run over by a bus. Supit is the fifth person to die on that stretch of road in the past few months. Pol Capt Chana Sootthimat of Chalong Police Station said…

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  • Phuket NewsSchmid proves he’s top mountain biker | Thaiger

    Schmid proves he’s top mountain biker

    PHUKET: Switzerland’s Marco Schmid, 28, stormed to victory in Sunday’s 30-km Muang Chaofa Mountain Bike Race, repeating his victory a week ago in Surat Thani over Thailand’s Satit Ruanpae. Third was Direc Pamornchat. Satit finished in one hour, 18 minutes and 19 seconds, seven minutes and 10 seconds behind Schmid’s 1:11:09. Direc clocked 1:20:22. The super-fit Schmid admitted he could…

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  • Phuket NewsTHAI domestic fares to rise 13pc | Thaiger

    THAI domestic fares to rise 13pc

    PHUKET: Thai Airways International (THAI) is to raise fares for all domestic flights by about 13% on April 20. The one-way airfare for the Phuket-Bangkok service will be raised by 13.5% from 2,000 baht to 2,270 Baht for economy class, and by 10.8% from 2,770 baht to 3,070 baht for business class. The hike was originally approved by THAI’s Board…

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  • Phuket NewsPhoneNET cards offer up to 30pc discount | Thaiger

    PhoneNET cards offer up to 30pc discount

    PHUKET: Between now and June 30, holders of PhoneNET cards in Phuket can take advantage of a new discount of up to 30% on calls to 27 countries around the world. Worawit Worapibulpong, chief of the office of telecommunication services at the Communication Authority of Thailand (CAT) in Phuket Town, explained that the 500-baht cards may be used with every…

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  • Phuket News12 die in bus crash | Thaiger

    12 die in bus crash

    KANCHANABURI (AFP) – Twelve Thais were killed and eight seriously hurt when a tour bus traveling to a Buddhist temple near the border with Burma plunged into a deep ravine, police said today. The bus, carrying 45 mainly elderly people from Bangkok, left the road and plunged 50 meters before coming to a stop in Kanchanaburi province’s Sangkla district early…

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  • Phuket NewsCAT to hike prices for EMS delivery | Thaiger

    CAT to hike prices for EMS delivery

    PHUKET: The Communication Authority of Thailand (CAT) is to raise the charges for domestic deliveries by its Express Mail Service (EMS) with effect from Wednesday. For mail weighing less than 20 grams, the fee will be increased from 15 to 20 baht. For mail between 20-100 grams, the fee will be increased from 17 baht to 25 baht. For those…

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  • Phuket NewsTen arrested for illegal immigration scam | Thaiger

    Ten arrested for illegal immigration scam

    PHUKET AIRPORT: Two Malaysian women, a Singaporean woman and a Thai man were arrested yesterday at Phuket International Airport for involvement in an attempt to sneak six Chinese illegal immigrants out of Thailand and into Singapore. The six Chinese were also caught. Pol Lt Col Annop Suwanchatri, an immigration inspector at Phuket International Airport, said there were actually 12 people…

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  • Phuket NewsBurmese boys escape detention center | Thaiger

    Burmese boys escape detention center

    PHUKET TOWN: Three Burmese boys escaped from the Juvenile Observation and Protection Center near Saphan Hin early yesterday morning. Two were recaptured within hours but the third is still at large. The escape, according to Pongsura Krainara, the center’s chief, took place at around 6 am when the three boys were detailed to help a guard at the center carry…

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  • Phuket News11 die in helicopter crash | Thaiger

    11 die in helicopter crash

    KANCHANABURI (AFP) – A Thai army helicopter crashed in western Kanchanaburi province today, killing at least 11 people, including seven senior officers, an army spokesman said. Maj Gen Sanchai Rachtawan, commander of Ninth Army division, was among the top army officers who died, along with two pilots and two technicians. Army Lt Gen Lertrat Ratanavanich said the aircraft went down…

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  • Phuket NewsChinese cadres head for Phuket | Thaiger

    Chinese cadres head for Phuket

    PHUKET: After the brief holiday enjoyed by China’s President, Jiang Zemin, in Phuket last year, it seems that the island is becoming a vacation choice for senior communist cadres from the People’s Republic. Tomorrow sees the arrival of 17 communist officials, led by the president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Li Tieying, who is also a member of…

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  • Phuket NewsIndustrialists may become more “eco-friendly’ | Thaiger

    Industrialists may become more “eco-friendly’

    PHUKET TOWN: Wiboolchai Na Ranong, managing director of Toyota Pearl Co Ltd, was elected on Tuesday as the new president of the Phuket chapter of the Federation of Thai Industries, and immediately pledged to steer the chapter’s members toward being more eco-friendly. After being elected, K. Wiboolchai said that his first priority is to get more people, especially businesspeople in…

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  • Phuket NewsMicrosoft apologizes for Bangkok sex slur | Thaiger

    Microsoft apologizes for Bangkok sex slur

    BANGKOK (AFP): Microsoft has apologized to Thailand for describing Bangkok as a commercial sex center in the Deluxe 2000 version of its Encarta Encylopedia CD. “I regret any misrepresentation that the Encarta segment may have caused,” said Robert Bach, vice-president of Microsoft’s Home and Retail Division, in a letter to local media. “As soon as we were made aware of…

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  • Phuket NewsDead man in woods “killed himself’ | Thaiger

    Dead man in woods “killed himself’

    KARON: The man who was found dead in the woods to the east of Karon two days ago has been identified as Prasert Chuwong, 42, a former cook at Chao-Kuen Restaurant in Kata. According to Pol Col Sati Malakanond, the superintendent of Chalong Police Station, Prasert was left jobless after the restaurant went out of business some time ago. Based…

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  • Phuket NewsSoldiers kill student after row over girl | Thaiger

    Soldiers kill student after row over girl

    PHUKET TOWN: Two Thai soldiers and a friend were arrested last night and charged with the murder of a Rajabhat Phuket Institute student earlier in the evening after an argument over a girl. The student, 23-year-old Sakda “Tuk” Thongsongsri from Trang, was riding his motorcycle past the Muang Mai auto dealership showrooms on Thepkrasattri Rd at 8:30 pm with his…

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  • Phuket NewsBanana forager finds skull | Thaiger

    Banana forager finds skull

    KARON: A local man looking for wild bananas in woods to the east of Karon yesterday afternoon found something rather less appetizing: a human skull. Pol Maj Thanate Poungmanee of Chalong Police Station told the Gazette that the man immediately reported what he had found to officials of Tambon Karon, who in turn reported the discovery to Chalong Police Station.…

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  • Phuket NewsDragonflies fell All-Stars in fund-raiser | Thaiger

    Dragonflies fell All-Stars in fund-raiser

    PHUKET TOWN: Mang Por Lor Kluen – “Wave-Playing Dragonfly” – beat the All-Star Actors 3-2 on Saturday in front of a large crowd at a special fund-raising soccer match between the two teams of Thai celebrities. Pop singer “Teh” Utane Prommin took the first goal for the All-Stars just before half time at Surakul Stadium in Phuket Town. The Dragonflies…

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  • Phuket NewsJapanese tourist stabbed four times | Thaiger

    Japanese tourist stabbed four times

    PHUKET TOWN: A Japanese tourist who wanted to call his family – to tell them he had arrived safely in Phuket – was robbed and stabbed four times just after midnight yesterday, on his way to make the call. Pol Maj Adul Nirapai of Phuket Town Police Station said that Terai Osamu, 27, came to Phuket with friends and was…

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  • Phuket NewsTwo men seriously ill in radiation alert | Thaiger

    Two men seriously ill in radiation alert

    BANGKOK (AFP) – Two Thai men are seriously ill in hospital with radiation sickness after being exposed to a highly radioactive substance in a Bangkok shop, health officials said this afternoon. “These two people are suffering seriously from burns to the hands. They are losing their hair and have very low white blood cell counts,” a public health ministry spokesman…

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  • Phuket NewsRunaway snakes cause chaos in Soi Katoey | Thaiger

    Runaway snakes cause chaos in Soi Katoey

    PATONG: Tourists and denizens of the night scrambled for safety when a bunch of snakes got loose in Soi Katoey, off Soi Bangla, in the early hours of yesterday. The snakes got loose after a team from the Phuket Provincial Forestry Office, led by Sumran Cheanloy, the office’s chief, and accompanied by police, launched raids on bar areas in Patong,…

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  • Phuket NewsGrass fire frightens Chuanchuen Lagoon residents | Thaiger

    Grass fire frightens Chuanchuen Lagoon residents

    KOH KAEW: A fire at Chuanchuen Lagoon that shook the up-market community two days ago was just grass burning, firefighters said today. Pol Maj Amnuay Kraiwootthinan of Phuket Town Police Station said he received a phone call at 8:30 pm on Wednesday from an unidentified person reporting that there was a big fire burning at the old deserted tin factory…

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  • Phuket NewsParliament acts to drive out evil spirits | Thaiger

    Parliament acts to drive out evil spirits

    BANGKOK (AFP) – Authorities held a multi-faith exorcism in parliament today to drive out evil spirits believed to be responsible for a recent spate of deaths among members of parliament. Since elections in November 1996, eight of the 393 MPs have died in accidents or of natural causes while 11 more have resigned. Yesterday, an MP from the ruling Democrats…

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  • Phuket NewsOrBorTor member held for theft of cigarettes | Thaiger

    OrBorTor member held for theft of cigarettes

    PHUKET TOWN: The police in Phuket Town were astonished when they managed to arrest three burglars who broke into the Phuket Provincial Cooperative Office’s store on Yaowarat Rd last Saturday and stole 59 boxes of Thai cigarettes worth about 897,000 baht. It wasn’t the theft that surprised them, nor the speed with which they caught the robbers – two on…

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  • Phuket News23 die in bus crash | Thaiger

    23 die in bus crash

    NAKHON PHANOM (AFP): Twenty-three people were killed and 37 injured today when a bus and a truck collided in the northeastern province of Nakhon Phanom, 20 kilometers from the town of Kalasin. No details were immediately available on the identities of those killed or the condition of those injured.

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  • Phuket NewsHealth Office in hygiene drive | Thaiger

    Health Office in hygiene drive

    PHUKET: In a bid to raise the standards of local restaurants and food stalls, the Phuket Provincial Health Office has begun inspecting them and awarding those that meet its standards with a ‘Clean Food, Good Taste’ sign and certificate. Dr Boonrieng Chuchaisangrat, Chief of the Health Office, explained that Phuket is still very competitive in the regional tourism industry, and…

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  • Phuket NewsMarine police capture fuel smugglers | Thaiger

    Marine police capture fuel smugglers

    PHUKET: Six Thai fuel smugglers were arrested in the Andaman Sea on Saturday afternoon and 110,000 liters of low-grade diesel, worth about 330,000 baht, was seized from their vessel, the Fakthong 47. Pol Gen Narongwit Thaithong, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, said that the modified fishing vessel was stopped near Surin Island, 21 nautical miles off the coast…

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  • Phuket News184 couples marry on Valentine’s Day | Thaiger

    184 couples marry on Valentine’s Day

    PHUKET: The island set a record for marriages on Valentine’s Day this year. The number of couples tying the knot on the year’s most romantic day increased from 143 in 1999 to 184 this year. Of these, 115 got hitched in Muang District, 31 in Kathu and 38 in Thalang District. The Assistant District Officer of Thalang, Samapol Koontong, said…

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  • Phuket NewsDefections add spice to first OrBorJor meeting | Thaiger

    Defections add spice to first OrBorJor meeting

    PHUKET TOWN: A couple of defections and an unexpected challenge for one of the top posts disrupted the first meeting of Phuket’s newly elected Provincial Administration Organization (OrBorJor) today. Before the meeting, the dominant group in the new council, the Kao Mai Party, was expected to call the shots, believing it had lined up all the necessary support. In the…

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  • Phuket NewsLucky boss gets money and pistol back | Thaiger

    Lucky boss gets money and pistol back

    PHUKET TOWN: Construction boss Prayoon Janpetch is careful when he goes about collecting money from clients. Apart from anything else, he carries a pistol in case someone tries to rob him. But last week K. Prayoon, manager of the Saowaree Civil Engineering Partnership on Thepkrasatree Rd, Thalang, was less careful than usual. He left a bag containing 300,000 baht in…

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  • Phuket NewsThree ya bah dealers arrested | Thaiger

    Three ya bah dealers arrested

    PHUKET TOWN: The Office of the Narcotics Control Board scored a hat-trick day on Thursday when it managed to arrest three ya bah dealers, all on Sakdidej Rd. Thirty tablets of the drug were also seized. In the first two cases, undercover officers pretending to be users bought ya bah before identifying themselves and arresting the dealers, Surapong Saradee, 21,…

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  • Phuket NewsAbandoned baby dies | Thaiger

    Abandoned baby dies

    PHUKET: The baby girl found abandoned in grassland off Sakdidet Rd in Moo Baan Muang Thong Thani on February 3, died the same evening, a nurse at the Wachira Phuket Hospital has told the Gazette. The nurse said that the baby was too young to be left in the sun for a prolonged period – she is believed to have…

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  • Phuket News

    Baby born in motorcycle sidecar

    PHUKET TOWN: A woman on her way to hospital to pick up the body of her husband, who had died of a heart attack the day before, gave birth early yesterday in a motorcycle sidecar at the edge of the Bypass Rd. “A man called us at around 1:20 am and told us that there was a woman about to…

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  • Phuket NewsTourist kills himself at shooting range | Thaiger

    Tourist kills himself at shooting range

    CHALONG: A 50-year-old Japanese tourist yesterday killed himself with a pistol he rented at the Phuket Shooting Range near Chalong Circle. Pol Capt Chockchai Sutthimek of Chalong Police Station said Yoichi Hashimoto went to the Phuket Shooting Range on Wednesday morning. He looked around and left. He returned the following morning. According to a witness, he hung around until the…

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  • Phuket NewsGirl kidnapped from hospital by former boyfriend | Thaiger

    Girl kidnapped from hospital by former boyfriend

    PHUKET TOWN: A 26-year-old man was in custody tonight, charged with kidnapping his former girlfriend from the bedside of her ailing mother, in the Phuket Adventist Hospital. Pol Maj Adul Nirapai of Phuket Town Police Station told the Gazette that Kittisak Raksue walked into the hospital at 4 am, pulled out a gun and started to drag Tukta Kapansit out…

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  • Phuket NewsFirst cloned Thai calf about to be born | Thaiger

    First cloned Thai calf about to be born

    BANGKOK, Feb 9 (AFP): Thai researchers are close to delivering two calves cloned from an adult cow’s ear cells in what would be a breakthrough for Southeast Asian scientists, researchers said Wednesday. “The first cloned cow is expected to be delivered within a month,” said Rangsan Polpai, a researcher at Chulalongkorn University’s faculty of Veterinary Science. A second calf is…

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  • Phuket NewsLosing OrBorJor party “will stay neutral’ | Thaiger

    Losing OrBorJor party “will stay neutral’

    PHUKET TOWN: The Pattana Tongtin Party, which failed in Saturday’s election to preserve its domination of the Provincial Administrative Organization (OrBorJor), will remain “neutral” and allow the victorious Kao Mai Party to form a majority coalition, Pattana Tontin’s leader, Banlur Tantiwit, told a press conference. Banlur, formerly President of the OrBorJor’s three-man central council, was a shock loser in the…

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  • Phuket NewsKao Mai likely to dominate new OrBorJor | Thaiger

    Kao Mai likely to dominate new OrBorJor

    PHUKET TOWN: Following a meeting today organized by the victorious Kao Mai party, which took nine of the 15 Provincial Administrative Council (OrBorJor) seats allocated to Phuket Town in Saturday’s elections, its appears that the party’s leader, Dr Prasit Koysiripong, will become President of the new council. Kao Mai has put together a coalition that includes the Thalang Group Party,…

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  • Phuket NewsTurtle found slaughtered at Mai Khao | Thaiger

    Turtle found slaughtered at Mai Khao

    MAIKHAO: A young female sea turtle weighing about 85 kilograms was found dead on Mai Khao beach last Sunday. Cuts and wounds around the sea turtle’s neck and legs were found – possibly made by fishing hooks. There was also a large gash in its stomach; there were no eggs. The Phuket Environment Protection Association believes that the sea turtle…

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