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    Chester’s Thailand serves fried chicken with Thai tea sauce and whipped cream

    Fast food joint Chester’s Thailand launched a unique menu item in an exclusive collaboration with popular Thai tea brand ChaTraMue to serve fried chicken and fries with Thai tea sauce and, wait for it, whipped cream. We’re not joking! Chester’s Thailand’s official Facebook page unveiled the new promotion four days ago, encouraging followers to guess about the latest addition to…

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    Cool Thai drinks to quench your thirst this summer

    Are you searching for a thirst-quenching solution to the sweltering summer heat? Look no further! Cool Thai drinks are your perfect companion. These ice-cold beverages boast a fantastic mix of flavors, bright colors, and a hint of Thai culture, ready to delight your taste buds. Cool Thai drinks offer a diverse array, from velvety milk teas to fascinating grass jelly…