Taylor Swift

  • World News

    Taylor Swift’s bodyguard forgoes 18 million baht salary to fight for Israel against Hamas

    A well-known bodyguard of global music sensation Taylor Swift reportedly abandoned his US$500,000 annual salary, equivalent to approximately 18 million baht, to return to his native Israel. He volunteered to fight against the Hamas group, stating that he could not stand idle while his homeland was being destroyed by Hamas forces. According to local media reports, the security officer gained…

  • Business News

    Thailand’s potential as international events hub questioned amidst Taylor Swift tour snub

    The exclusion of Thailand from the itinerary of Taylor Swift‘s world tour has prompted the denizens to reconsider the nation’s global standing as a viable hub for international exhibitions and events. Bringing the country’s potential into question, it was revealed that the total revenue from meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) industry for the final quarter of last year was…

  • Thailand News

    Future PM Pita invites Taylor Swift to Thailand, stating full democracy is back

    The future Prime Minister of Thailand and leader of the Move Forward Party (MFP), Pita Limjaroenrat, took to Twitter yesterday to reach out to American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, inviting her to return to Thailand now that the country has restored full democracy. Taylor Swift shows are among the most eagerly anticipated concerts among Thai fans. The latest queen of pop…