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  • Thailand News

    Thailand Consumers Council urges government to lower fuel tariff and promote home solar panels use

    The Thailand Consumers Council (TCC) is urging the government to consider lowering the fuel tariff (Ft) amid mounting complaints about high electricity bills while suggesting that the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) promote the use of domestic solar panels to help address the problem. Itthaboon Onwongsa, TCC deputy secretary, noted during a seminar discussing recent increases in power costs, that the…

  • Economy News

    ERC’s tariff cut to benefit households

    The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) is anticipated to reveal a decrease in fuel tariffs (Ft) from May to August today, resulting in a drop in power tariff rates for households to 4.70 baht per kilowatt-hour unit from the current 4.77 baht per unit. This decision comes in response to public outcry over surges in electricity bills during the summer months,…