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    Aussie mother pays for 24 year old son’s first sexual experience at a brothel (video)

    The mother of a 24 year old Australian living with paralysis for the past 12 years accompanied her quadriplegic son to a Gold Coast red-light district for the first time so he could lose his virginity. A life-altering car accident left the young Aussie man, Jake, with no sexual experiences, a concern his mother recently addressed by paying for his…

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    Illegal brothel discovered in Singapore after Thai woman climbs out window

    Police uncovered an illegal brothel in Singapore after someone reported seeing a Thai woman standing on a third-floor ledge of a residential building in Jalan Besar on April 8. On Monday, the woman on the ledge was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to living off the earnings of the prostitution of another person. A passerby saw the woman standing…