Pattaya cops arrest British man and Thai woman suspected of trafficking

Screen grab from Daily Mail footage of the raid in which a British man and Thai woman were arrested.

Pattaya cops arrested a British man and a Thai woman suspected of human trafficking, the Daily Mail reported on Friday. Officers raided the Flirt bar on Soi 6 Road, known for its many sex bars, on April 5. There, they arrested a British man named William Reece, and a 31 year old Thai woman named Jaranya Deeppair.

Officers said that arrest warrants had been issued against Reece on Tuesday, April 4 for allegedly conspiring to commit human trafficking.

Dozens of young women were seen being taken away in a police truck to be questioned. The charges relate to young women being transported from poor areas of northeast Thailand to work in the sex industry, where they are paid around 1,500 Baht (£35) for sex.

The accused were remanded in police custody, awaiting further legal proceedings.

Police Colonel Thanapong Phothi, superintendent of the Pattaya City Police Station, said officers made the arrest in order to build confidence among tourists about Pattaya‘s image.

The bar is believed to be owned by the Nightwish Group, a company believed to be run by a British expat. According to the company’s website, it was founded in 2012 and has 27 bars and over 500 employees.

A spokesperson for the group said police confirmed that no illegal substances were found in the bar, and no person was under 18. The spokesperson claimed…

“We believe that the raid took place following the inaccurate testimony of just one individual, who had been paid to make a false statement, and we do not expect anything to come of the charges.”

The spokesperson stressed that Nightlife Group took its responsibilities seriously, and was pleased to work with local police.

Pattaya is known as Southeast Asia’s “Sin City.” Pattaya authorities have been on the prowl for foreign criminals. During an inspection last week, Pattaya Police and immigration officials searched for foreigners overstaying, and those involved in illegal activities.

Following a case around sexual exploitation in Patong that made headlines last month, police have been hunting for traffickers across Thailand, including in Pattaya.

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Tara Abhasakun

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