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    Why you should study Thai to explore Thailand

    Sponsored Thailand has always been known as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Why? The land of smiles has so much to offer: tranquil beaches, never-ending options of cuisines, majestic temples and scenery, rich history, and cultural and archaeological sites. There is never enough time to get to know and explore Thailand fully. But, how do you make…

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    Stay in Thailand by studying at ALA Language School

    Sponsored Article Welcome to Thailand- the land of thousand smiles. One of the most visited countries globally, the country is home to stunning islands, irresistible street foods, thousands of temples, and royal palaces. What is a better way to experience Thai culture than to learn the language? Learn Thai and immerse yourself in Thai culture while worry-free about visa restrictions.…

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    Thai government, Patani Malay Southern rebels still disagree on key issues

    The Thai government and Southern separatist group Barisan Revolusi Nasional still stand apart on several important issues. The two parties met last week in the first peace talks in two years. Reports say the BRN wishes to establish an autonomous region known as Patani Darussalam, which includes Thailand’s Deep South provinces near the Malaysian border of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat, and…

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    The best methods for learning the Thai language

    If you are planning to stay in Thailand, then learning Thai may be a good idea as it can be handy and help you survive long-term. Different methods of learning Thai can offer different benefits, and it really depends on what method is convenient depending on your needs. Learning at a Thai language school Note: Due to the current Covid-19…

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    Thailand News Today | Army deny Twitter spin, “Don’t Reopen”, English proficiency low | Nov 27

    Last day of the week. Thought we’d go outside. Bad idea! Welcome to Friday’s Thailand News Today. Royal Thai Army denies claims about Twitter campaign to spread pro-government propaganda Following a shutdown of 926 Twitter accounts linked to the Royal Thai Army, documents were leaked of what appears to be a contract between the Army and a private company supposedly…

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    Thai schools look to recruit 20,000 English and Chinese language teachers

    Thailand’s Education Minister has announced plans to recruit up to 10,000 native English-speaking teachers. Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan says the ministry wants improve Thai students’ English-language proficiency “as soon as the situation is safe to do so”. He also noted that the Ministry also wanted to source up to 10,000 Chinese teachers as well. He noted that there are already 7,000 foreign…

  • Chiang Mai

    English?! Why should we have to learn that? Thai university students grumble over language requirement

    Students at Rajamangala University of Technology in Chiang Mai province are whinging about having to demonstrate basic English abilities in order to enrol in courses at the institution. The Daily News reports that the students, with the support of their parents, have made an official complaint about the requirement, which they say should not apply to Thai courses. Students are currently…

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    Thailand drops to #74 out of 100 countries rated for English language skills

    PHOTO: Study International For the third year in a row, Thailand’s ranking on the English Proficiency Index has dropped and the country now ranks 74th out of a total of 100 countries. Thai PBS World reports that the index was prepared by Education First (EF), a Swiss organisation specialising in language training and educational travel. The company reports that in…

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    Test driving Google Translate ทดสอบไดรฟ์ GOOGLE TRANSLATE