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    Freelance-focused online job platform launched

    The Department of Employment (DoE) in Thailand recently unveiled an online job platform named Khon Tham Ngan, specifically tailored for freelancers and recruiters. This platform, overseen by DoE head, Somchai Morakotsriwan, aims to enhance work-life balance by offering a free and user-friendly interface for job seekers and employers alike. Khon Tham Ngan, which translates to workers, is open to anyone…

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    Putting difficult tasks in capable hands with Fastwork

    As an entrepreneur in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, you probably often find yourself feeling overwhelmed by a multitude of responsibilities. You’re constantly pulled in different directions, from managing finances to marketing, and from product development to customer service. Plus, you may not always have the right people in your team to manage specific tasks, nor the time to search…