• World News

    Zombie deer disease alert in Yellowstone sparks potential pandemic fears

    The outbreak of the so-called Zombie Deer Disease has been reported in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA, according to The Guardian website. This affliction, found in deer species, alarmed researchers and scientists due to its significant environmental impact and potential to infect humans. Prions, abnormal and infectious agents, cause Zombie Deer Disease. These prions induce changes in the brain and…

  • Thailand News

    Thai driver kills deer with Mercedes Benz near Bangkok University campus

    A Thai driver crashed his Mercedez Benz into a deer and killed it on Borommaratchachonnani Road near Mahidol University in Pathum Thani province near Bangkok yesterday. Upon being alerted to the incident, officers from Phutthamonthon Police Station were quick to attend the scene where they discovered the lifeless body of a male deer. The deer had beautiful antlers and weighed about…