Thai Driver License: Most Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Thai Driver’s License through the most frequently asked questions.


How can I apply for a Thai driving license?

A Thai driving license is a document issued by the Department of Land Transport, which can be found at least one in each major town and several in big cities throughout Thailand.

You can apply for your Thai driving license directly to the nearest Department of Land Transport. The working hours of the department are 7.30 am to 4.00 pm. However, since there’s a limited candidate quota each day, it is best that you show up early to get to the queue.

You may also be able to book an online appointment via the DLT SMART QUEQE application, which you can download on both iOS and Android.

Keep in mind to dress politely because the Department of Land Transport is a government organisation. Therefore, shirts must have sleeves, and shorts/skirts must be below the knees.

Alternatively, you can get the help of an agency to handle the entire process. The agency will take care of everything from filling out the paperwork to helping you prepare for the test.

Another way you can get a driver’s license is by applying to a driving school approved by the Department of Land Transport. The school will teach you how to drive and provide a similar test as the Department of Land Transport. Once you pass the test, you will be given an approval document, which you can use to get a driving license at the Department of Land Transport.

Key Points

  • You can apply for a Thai Driving License at any Department of Land Transport in Thailand.
  • Since there’s a limited quota, make sure to show up in the early morning or book the queue online.
  • If you have an international driving license, you can use it to get a Thai driver’s license.
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Where can I get a medical certificate to apply for a Thai driving license?

You can get a medical certificate at any hospital or clinic in Thailand. Make sure to mention that you need it to apply for a driver’s license. The medical staff may request your passport, ask you some medical questions, and perform a quick examination. If you go to a clinic, it usually costs around 200 baht.

How can I renew my license?

Before you renew your Thai driving license, make sure to prepare the following documents:

  • Your 2 year Thai driving license.
  • Your passport.
  • Your valid non-immigrant visa.
  • Your work permit or certified letter of address from the Immigration Bureau or your embassy. Make sure that the document is not older than 30 days.
  • Two photographs, 1×1 inch, not older than 6 months. It’s better to use the photo service on the Department of Land Transport to avoid any issue.

Once you have all of the documents ready, go to the Department of Land Transport. Then, request a driving license application form and fill it out at the driving license application window. After that, get your photograph taken and verify the information with the officer at the driving license application window. Make sure to hand in all of your documents to the officer. They will then give you a queue number with your documents returned to you.

When your number is called, submit your documents and pay a fee of 505 baht. Then, wait for your name to be called and sign the back of the driving license and the receipt.

Keep in mind to dress politely because the Department of Land Transport is a government organisation.

How long is the process of obtaining or renewing a license?

How long it takes to obtain or renew your driving license depends on how many people are in line. In general, you should be able to get it done in one day.

If you don’t have time, it is best that you work with an agency to handle everything..

The fastest and easiest way to obtain a Thai driving license is by getting the help of an agent.

What type of Thai driving license can I apply for?

Thailand offers different classes of driving licenses depending on the type of vehicle you want to operate. The most common ones are:

  • Class 1: Allows you to drive motorcycles of any engine size.
  • Class 2: Allows you to drive private cars and pickup trucks.
  • Class 5: Permits driving tricycles for commercial purposes.
  • Class A: Designed for large motorcycles exceeding 500cc engine displacement.

Can I get a Thai driving license with my international driving license?

You can use your international driver’s license to get a Thai driver’s license at any Department of Land Transport. Make sure to bring a signed copy of your passport, a medical certificate, a resident certificate.

You will have to do a few tests for peripheral vision, colour blindness, depth perception, and reflexes. If you pass, you will be given a two-year temporary driving license, which you can extend to five years after that.

Can I get an international driving license in Thailand?

Yes, you can get an international driving license in Thailand using your 5-year Thai driving license. The process is usually quick and straightforward. All you have to do is hand in the following documents to the Department of Land Transport:

  • Passport and non-immigrant visa.
  • Work permit or residence certificate.
  • Copy of the first page of your passport.
  • Copy of the page that contains your valid non-immigrant visa.
  • Your 5-year Thai driving license with a signed copy.
  • A letter of address certified from the Immigration Bureau or your embassy. Make sure that it is dated within thirty days of application. Alternatively, you may also bring a work permit with a signed copy.
  • 2 photos at 2 inches that are taken within the last six months.

Can I use my English driver’s license to drive in Thailand?

No, an English driver’s license is not valid in Thailand. You can use an International Driving Permit (IDP) issued in your home country alongside a valid Thai visa for up to 90 days. However, to drive legally beyond that period, you’ll need to obtain a Thai driver’s license.

Do I need to take a written or driving test?

Yes, the application process involves both a written knowledge test and a practical driving test. The written test covers traffic laws, road signs, and safe driving practices. The practical test evaluates your ability to manoeuvre the vehicle safely on a designated course.

I’m a tourist visiting Thailand. Can I rent a motorbike?

While some motorbike rental shops might overlook the requirement, it’s technically illegal to ride a motorbike in Thailand without a valid Thai motorcycle license. For your safety and to avoid legal issues, it’s best to stick to public transportation such as taxis, tuk-tuks, or ride-sharing services.

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