Viral twist: Chinese wife uncovers husband’s affair with best friend on business trip (video)

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The actions of a Chinese woman have gone viral after she detected her husband’s affair in a bizarre set of circumstances. The cheating husband told her that he needed to go away on business for 12 days.

The man’s wife, Hou, helped prepare for the trip to Shanghai by packing his clothes and bid him farewell as he left home.

To her surprise, Hou unwittingly stumbled upon her husband’s car parked outside her best friend’s house whilst out for a stroll in the city of Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, China.

Haunted by suspicion, Hou called her close friend. Although their conversation only revolved around routine matters, the friend appeared startled and unnerved when Hou revealed she was nearby and would drop by for a meal. Upon hearing this, her friend promptly ended the call.

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Hou then called her husband, who reiterated that he was still in Shanghai for work and would not be coming back anytime soon. It was then that Hou was certain about her husband’s indiscretions. He had falsely told her he was away on business when in reality, he taking a 12-day holiday to have an affair, and shockingly the other woman turned out to be her best friend.

Fuelled by rage and a feeling of deep betrayal, Hou tried to enter her friend’s apartment but was stopped by the local security personnel. Left with no other option to vent her frustration, she began to smash her husband’s car.

Bystanders soon tried to stop Hou and advised against destroying the car, urging her to consider her safety.

It remains unclear how the situation ended but netizens shared varied opinions about the incident.

While several users condemned Hou’s husband for his deceit, a small fraction held differing views. They suggested that Hou shouldn’t have destroyed her husband’s car or caused a scene.

Who says love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage?

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