Missing Indonesian woman’s body found inside giant python

A python swallowed a woman whole in Jambi, on the east coast of Jakarta in Indonesia, on Sunday, according to Indonesian police.

Jahrah, a 54 year old worker at a rubber plantation from Betara District, did not return home from work on Sunday. Jahrah’s husband reported Jahrah missing that night.

The next day, villagers found a python with a huge bulge in its stomach in the forest. Nearby, the search party found Jahrah’s sandals, jacket, and knife on the forest floor.

Fearing the worst, the villagers killed and cut open the five-metre long python. Inside, they found Jahrah’s body, completely intact. The python had swallowed her whole.

Jambi Police Chief Harefa said…

“After they cut the belly apart, they found it was Jahrah inside.”

It’s not clear whether the python swallowed Jahrah alive or whether she died in a different way before being feasted on by the python.

Pythons are often considered non-dangerous snakes because, unlike cobras and vipers, they are not venomous. However, now and then, a python eats someone whole.

In 2018, a 54 year old woman from Sulawesi, Indonesia, was tending to her vegetable garden when she was swallowed alive by a seven-metre python. She lived nearby the base of a rocky cliff, full of caves, known to be home to snakes.

Small pythons may eat prey such as rats, birds, or other snakes. However, giant pythons only go for big animals – even swallowing pigs and cows in some cases.

Indonesia is home to some of the biggest pythons in the world, often growing bigger than six metres.

Thailand is home to many pythons, although there are no existing reports of pythons eating people. Last month, a python launched itself at a Royal Forest Department Officer at the Japan building in Bangkok. The incident was captured by CCTV.

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