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Phuket to host big WHO meeting

KARON: Phuket will this week host an international World Health Organisation (WHO) meeting on the health ramifications of the December 26 tsunami.

Delegates from Indonesia, Burma, The Maldives, Sri Lanka are due to join colleagues from Thailand at the Hilton Phuket Arcardia Resort and Spa between May 4 and 6 to discuss what the tsunami has taught them about topics such as disease prevention and autopsy procedures.

Dr Wanchai Sattayawutthipong, Chief of the Phuket Public Health Office, said this will be the biggest meeting of its kind in the world since the tsunami.

It will be attended by WHO Director-General Dr Jong Wook Lee, along with experts from the WHO and other departments of the United Nations, as well as representatives from the military, media and health services of many countries – around 500 people in total.

“The objective of the seminar is to assess the impact the tsunami has had on our understanding of how we should prepare for natural disasters in the future, and what we can do to drive healthcare up to international standards,” said Dr Wanchai.

“We have invited representatives from Indonesia, Burma, The Maldives and Sri Lanka to talk about their experiences of the effect of the tsunami, and about ramifications, such as disease prevention and performing post mortems on the bodies of victims. Delegates will tour tsunami-affected sites in Phuket and Phang Nga on May 6.

“I think it is an honor for Thailand to be chosen as the venue for this meeting, and it will be good for Phuket tourism,” added Dr Wanchai.

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