Optional Extras for Car Insurance

Learn more about additional optional extras you can purchase for car insurance and how they will benefit you.

What Are Optional Extras For Car Insurance?

Optional extras for car insurance are coverage that isn’t included in your regular car insurance policy but can be added for an additional fee.

Coverage included as standard on car insurance policies vary. If the policy you purchase doesn’t have the coverage that you need, you can buy it as an optional extra. There are numerous different optional extras you can add to your car insurance. Here are some of the most common ones in Thailand:

Key Points

  • Optional extras are additional coverage you can add to your car insurance policy for a fee.
  • There are different types of optional extras, such as Legal cover, Breakdown cover, Cover for driving abroad, Courtesy car cover, and Personal accident cover.
  • Make sure to check with your insurance provider to see what extras you need.

Legal Cover

legal covers help you pay for the legal fees that result from a car insurance claim. It may help you arrange for a solicitor to pursue a personal injury claim. It can also recover the excess medical losses that you experience.

If you are involved in a no-fault accident, a legal cover can also help you recover uninsured losses from the other driver’s insurance company.

To protect your car even more, add these optional extras to your policy.

Personal Accident Cover

If you are injured or killed in a car accident, this additional cover will give you a lump sum payment. The payout you receive depends on the seriousness of the injury, as well as the specific coverage you choose.

Driving Abroad Cover

Some car insurance doesn’t cover you when you’re driving abroad. Getting this optional extra can be helpful if you want to take your car on a road trip outside of the country.

Optional extras allows you to increase the value of your car insurance at an affordable rate.

Breakdown Cover

This additional coverage will help you if your car breaks down. There are different levels of coverage, such as:

  • Home start – repair or recovery if your car breakdown in or near your home.
  • Recovery/relay – help you if your car can’t be fixed at the roadside.
  • Onward travel – if your car cannot be repaired easily, you will be provided with overnight accommodation, a hire car, or reasonable onward travel expenses.

Windscreen Cover

In comprehensive car insurance, windscreen coverage might be included. However, for other types of car insurance, you might need to add it as an optional extra. With windscreen cover, repairs to your windscreen if it’s cracked or chipped will be paid by the insurance company. It will also pay for replacement if your windscreen is not fixable.

Other Optional Extras to Consider

The following is a list of other optional extras you can consider.

Replacement key cover – Replacing missing or stolen keys can be costly. This type of optional extra will cover the cost of replacement keys. It may also cover the costs of transportation or car rental if you lose your keys.

Audio equipment cover – If your in-car audio device is stolen or destroyed, this policy will payout. However, if your audio device isn’t the factory-installed standard, you’ll need to contact your insurer to guarantee you’re protected.

Child car seat cover – This provides additional coverage for child car seat replacement in the event of an accident.

Personal belongings cover – This optional extra protects your belongings. It includes any personal belongings left in your vehicle, but bear in mind that if the items were taken from an unlocked vehicle or if you left them in plain sight rather than in the glovebox, you will not be eligible for compensation.

Medical expenses – This will cover a small portion of your medical costs should you get injured while driving your car.

Misfuelling – If you fill up with the wrong petrol, this insurance covers the expense of removing and cleaning the tank.

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