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Chinese tourist almost drowns after ignoring warnings from lifeguards at Patong

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Yesterday (August 12), a Chinese tourist almost drowned at Patong Beach. Fortunately, a lifeguard was on duty, noticed the man was in difficulty, rescued him and saved his life.

The young Chinese man had already been warned once by the lifeguards about the red flags with lifeguards telling him the red flags along the beach denote that it’s dangerous to swim in that area of the beach.

But after the first warning, he still decided to go back to swim in the same spot again and got stuck in a strong current that can happen during the annual monsoons. The lifeguard rushed to help him and pulled him ashore, found that he was lacking oxygen and was exhausted. A few moments later and they believe he may not have recovered.

They used a breathing machine and gave him oxygen and first aid on the beach. After he was stable, the team decided to send him to Patong Hospital where the doctor has confirmed that he was in a stable condition.

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